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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Books for Etsy!

I was able to finish up some books for Etsy as promised.
I made 3 mushroom books.
I put a little more time into the mushroom on this round. Got some shading on it so it would tie in the natural look.

Made 3 Herb Books.
 Went a little heavier on the orange accent on these. Looks much better.

Made 2 Astrology books. Gilded pages and changed the cover completely, still needs work... maybe.

Made 2 Fantastic Book of Shadows! The second one is already sold and gone.
These contain 50 pages (really thick) with 31 spells (real spells). And some blank pages at the back of the book for continuing the spell work :). 
I bought one of these generic pentagram charms on eBay, cut off the loop part and used it as-is on the second book pictured. I like it, but the pentagram was too shiny and didn't quite match the other details that I sculpted out of clay. So for the first book pictured, I took the pentagram charm, molded it, cast it in clay, and then painted it in the same fashion as the other details. Now they match!

Made 1 Celtic Magic book. Changed the cover a bit on this one, took out the picture and added this Celtic knot work charm thing. It has gilded pages too, silver to match the embellishment.

Made 1 Horse Magic book. Changed the cover completely on this one. Much happier with it! Love that horse embellishment I found, it was the last one at the shop too!

Made 2 Crystal books. One is already sold. Changed the cover on these from the previous version. I like this better but I'm not sure if I'm 100% happy with it yet.
Changed the insides to match the new cover too.

Made 1 Divination book, I thought the stars were fitting for this type of book J, and they match the cover.
I changed the color of the pages too, the previous version was just too dark for the new cover.

Made 1 Talisman and Pentacle book set, unchanged.

And made 1 Goddess book, also unchanged.

I am throwing these on Etsy in a bit, full details of each book and more pictures will be available there. 
Don't forget about my giveaway post, make a guess or just comment on it to be entered to win stuff! It closes October 1st.

Friday, September 24, 2010

100 Follower Giveaway!!!

It is such a treat that this is my 50th blog post and I'm announcing 100 followers!

Thank you so much to all of you, and a special thank you to everyone that has left such lovely comments!
For my hundred-follower giveaway, I would like to treat you to a brand new mini that I have been looking forward to making for quite some time.

But before I tell you what it is… I have left hints as to what it might be in previous posts. 5 hints to be exact. Can you guess it? If you can, I’ll give you something special! If you think you know what my new mini will be, just comment on this post with what you think it is. No rules, guess as many times as you want. I will pick out the winners and send them stuff.

Don’t worry if you aren’t good at guessing , everyone still has a chance to win! Just comment on this post and you will be entered to win my mysterious new mini. Those who choose to guess will also be entered to win the new mini, which means they have the opportunity to win twice!

I will close the giveaway entries on October 1st. Then over the few days that follow I will gather all the guesses and comments and pick out the winners of the guesses and announce those. Then I’ll do the drawing of all the commenters and guessers and announce the grand prize winner.

One more hint (although I don’t know if this will help or hinder since I don’t know if it’s 100% correct )… these types of things were mostly seen in Victorian times, usually in castles, palaces, or grand houses.

Good Luck!

Monday, September 20, 2010


I still have a few things to do before I can make the giveaway item for when I reach 100 followers, but one more quick hint about it - it's not a hutch.
A post or two back I mentioned some bottles that were ready for painting should anyone want them. Here they are, they left for Poland earlier today .
I re-made the skull bottle and the red bottle smaller though, so they would fit the shelves that would soon be their homes. The bottles at each end (red and black) are the tallest at exactly 3/4 of an inch high. I don't think I have ever made the skull bottle so small . And it's supposed to be Violet in color but I think it's more on the blue side of Violet, it's definitely not as blue as this picture shows! And the bottle next to the square-ish black one is actually a very nice English Navy, not black as it looks in the picture.

I know that square-ish black bottle looks big compared to the rest but it was extra that I figured I would go ahead and throw in the package. Maybe it can lay on a shelf or be strewn onto a table or something. But then again I think Snape is too neat and tidy for that .
(oops! Didn't give it away I hope!)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dark and Spooky

My lovely new friend Phylis that I have been having a wonderful chat with has just boosted us up to 95.... only 5 more followers to my giveaway! Welcome all of you, hope you like my minis. Time is flying! I better start making the giveaway item, (Hint - it is considered furniture).
Well I'm sure you will see the following items in the future in one of our blogging buddies posts, but I love to show what I've been working on.

Some black candles, no labels this time.

Some dripping candles. I still can't get the lighting right to show the drips, too ugly when the lighting is dark and too shiny when it's bright - and the wax color doesn't help :).

Some maps, they're so tiny but maybe someone will recognise what it is a map of :). When I was about to make these, I had to ask my customer if she wanted them to have clean edges or burned, she decided on clean but then I was too curious to see them with burned edges so I made a batch of each! Hope she doesn't mind the extras :).

Some skulls. Love these guys, they have that grin that just gets ya!

And then some skull and bone sets.
I have extra skulls, I'll throw them on Etsy tomorrow (that might mean late evening today to my friends across the pond).

And then there's pumpkins, saved my favorite for last :). The bigger pumpkins are half the size of my usual pumpkins, they are meant to sit on tables and such whereas my usuals are pumpkin patch size (normal size). And then the little ones in front are really tiny for tucking into spots that need a little something. I had one of the little ones laying around for months and when I made the big ones I decided to make more of the tiny ones just because. They're not much but I hope she can make use of the extras! :)

That's it for today!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Fancy Books

As the days trickle on and I think more about my upcoming giveaway, I thought I'd give you another hint - there is always glass incorporated into these types of things... can't wait to get to 100 followers!!!
Okay, here are my fancy books:
From the top left: Crystals, Herbs, Mushrooms, Celtic Magic
Second row: Astrology, Talismans, Blank, Divination
Third row: Goddesses, Pentacles, and Horse magic

So what do you think of my better mushroom book? I changed the binding, centered and straightened the mushroom, and rearranged the moss.
It opens and closes better, feels sturdier, and in my opinion it looks better too :).

I finally put a cover on the astrology book. I'm still not 100% happy with it, but it's okay.

I made a Celtic Magic book. Unlike my other books, this one is all words, no pictures. Contains some Celtic Magic Spells too.

This next one is the divination book. I went through 3 covers... couldn't decide or kept messing them up.
This book contains brief information about some of the more popular divination methods.

This next one is a special one for my customer. She really likes horses.
Along with information about horses through the ages, there are spells too. For example a spell to heal a sick horse, and a safe travel spell (horses are a symbol of travel). Lots of information about Epona too.

And last but not least, the Goddess book. 20+ Goddesses and some quick info about them. I'm not super familiar with the Goddesses, so I hope I did okay.

That's it, you saw the others in the earlier post. It's Friday night here and I've got some things to finish up over the weekend, but maybe next week I can get some of these books on Etsy.

Which one is your favorite? Which one do you think people would want on Etsy? Don't worry no commitment to buy, just polling the crowd :)

Goodnight everyone! Maybe the kids will let me sleep in on Saturday... :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Look what I got!

Before we start, I see that I now have 92 followers... welcome everyone! Only 8 more to a giveaway! Like I said before, it will be a new design, something I have been looking forward to making for a while, (Hint - it's not a trunk).
Now I have to show everyone what I received in the mail, it's absolutely wonderful! I had the great priviledge of swapping stuff with the extremely talented Jamie Moore of Creepy Creations by Jamie Moore. I have been a huge fan of hers since I first came accross her blog, I just love her style! And I am a huge Halloween freak, (we decorate our house in August and then come up with all the reasons we can about why we shouldn't take it down and just be that weird creepy house on the block year round :) ).

Well I sent her some stuff that was (in my view) not worthy of this perfect little gift I received in return. And I can't stop looking at it,  it's so awesome! Check it out:
Isn't it just the best!!!
Thank you Jamie!

Please go check out Jamie's blog, and for pumpkin's sake buy something cuz she makes the best halloween decor that I have seen!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Books and Scrolls

Hello everyone! Lots and lots of new followers! Only 11 away from 100! Giveaway season approaches... :)
I've had a design for a special mini in mind, I'll try to get myself in gear so I can make it for the giveaway. (Hint - it can hold other minis)
Now on to what I've been doing.
I re-created the scrolls I made a few posts back, I'll be listing these on Etsy within a few hours. I know, I know, the gold one's holder is too big... I hate it too. But who ever buys it is going to have to deal with it because I made it at 3am and now I'm grouchy from not enough sleep.
Said with a smile of course!
If anyone wants to save me the listing fees, let me know. You know me, they're really cheap!

Now books...
I love how these are turning out, but I have a lot of fixing I need to do. Some aspects just aren't quite right.
This mushroom one is my favorite! I need to fix the moss though, I want the mushroom more centered and the stem to be straight instead of slightly curvy.
I also need to fix the binding so it opens better. It's loaded with 20+ mushrooms.

My photo of this one isn't the best. The flower has subtle orange shades to it and all around better color.
This one is filled with herbs and their magical properties. 30 pages.

This next one is filled with crystals and stones.
I don't like the cover, but I love the insides!

These next ones are a pair.
One is all about Talismans. Gives pictures and information.
The other, Pentacles. This one just has pictures and only on one side.

Then I have two more that don't have covers yet.
Some sneak peeks of the Astrology book...
Some chapter title pages:

I have more books I need to make, had to take a few days off for the family (they're so needy! :) ). I have to hurry and finish these and make 3 more while I start on some spooky things for another order... Time flys when you're making minis!

I have some wand boxes, bottles, tombstones, and skulls in their base forms (no paint yet). If you want some, let me know. Painting is quick :).

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Candles on Etsy

I have extra candles from recent orders so I'm posting them on Etsy in a bit. They're odd in number so they are mix-matched :).

Some tapers and pillars.

Some smaller pillars and votives.

And some skinnys :). Don't know what else to call them!

Some dripping too.
And once again, light + shadow + camera = I'm not a good photographer :). Can't see the drips too well on these candles, you can see them better in my previous post about Kate and Emily's order.

Nothing new, just wanted to let you all know that these were going on Etsy.