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Monday, September 20, 2010


I still have a few things to do before I can make the giveaway item for when I reach 100 followers, but one more quick hint about it - it's not a hutch.
A post or two back I mentioned some bottles that were ready for painting should anyone want them. Here they are, they left for Poland earlier today .
I re-made the skull bottle and the red bottle smaller though, so they would fit the shelves that would soon be their homes. The bottles at each end (red and black) are the tallest at exactly 3/4 of an inch high. I don't think I have ever made the skull bottle so small . And it's supposed to be Violet in color but I think it's more on the blue side of Violet, it's definitely not as blue as this picture shows! And the bottle next to the square-ish black one is actually a very nice English Navy, not black as it looks in the picture.

I know that square-ish black bottle looks big compared to the rest but it was extra that I figured I would go ahead and throw in the package. Maybe it can lay on a shelf or be strewn onto a table or something. But then again I think Snape is too neat and tidy for that .
(oops! Didn't give it away I hope!)


  1. Just LOVE them! Hope they will arrive soon because I really can't wait for them! (I will make him love this great square bottle ha ha!;)

  2. I think they are all perfect Lorraine your too hard on yourself. Mind you its good for us your such a perfectionist, as everything is always so great! I love my bottles like these. Do you make then from fimo? Kate xxx

  3. I love the bottles and I own of few of yours and I think they are superb!!!! Wonderfully made too!

    My parcel arrived today!!!! :o)))))

    Huge thanks!
    Michelle xx

  4. Thanks Ewa!

    Kate, yes they are clay. 99.9% of my items are clay :). Can't seem to work with much else successfully :).

    Thanks Debbie and Kim!

    Thanks Michelle, there's a surprise in there for you :).

  5. Thanks Nathalie! And thanks for getting us to 100 followers!!!