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Monday, September 13, 2010

Books and Scrolls

Hello everyone! Lots and lots of new followers! Only 11 away from 100! Giveaway season approaches... :)
I've had a design for a special mini in mind, I'll try to get myself in gear so I can make it for the giveaway. (Hint - it can hold other minis)
Now on to what I've been doing.
I re-created the scrolls I made a few posts back, I'll be listing these on Etsy within a few hours. I know, I know, the gold one's holder is too big... I hate it too. But who ever buys it is going to have to deal with it because I made it at 3am and now I'm grouchy from not enough sleep.
Said with a smile of course!
If anyone wants to save me the listing fees, let me know. You know me, they're really cheap!

Now books...
I love how these are turning out, but I have a lot of fixing I need to do. Some aspects just aren't quite right.
This mushroom one is my favorite! I need to fix the moss though, I want the mushroom more centered and the stem to be straight instead of slightly curvy.
I also need to fix the binding so it opens better. It's loaded with 20+ mushrooms.

My photo of this one isn't the best. The flower has subtle orange shades to it and all around better color.
This one is filled with herbs and their magical properties. 30 pages.

This next one is filled with crystals and stones.
I don't like the cover, but I love the insides!

These next ones are a pair.
One is all about Talismans. Gives pictures and information.
The other, Pentacles. This one just has pictures and only on one side.

Then I have two more that don't have covers yet.
Some sneak peeks of the Astrology book...
Some chapter title pages:

I have more books I need to make, had to take a few days off for the family (they're so needy! :) ). I have to hurry and finish these and make 3 more while I start on some spooky things for another order... Time flys when you're making minis!

I have some wand boxes, bottles, tombstones, and skulls in their base forms (no paint yet). If you want some, let me know. Painting is quick :).


  1. I love the books!!!! Hope you will have them in your shop one day ;) Bottles? What bottles? Need to email you right now! ;D

  2. These ARE amazing Lorraine...my wants list from you just gets longer and longer. It's likely to turn out the most time consuming commission ever! lol lol :oP

    I don't have a favourite book...they are all just fantastic! I look forward to seeing more mini's in the making! :o))

    Michelle xxxx

  3. Thanks Ewa! I'll try to get some of these books on Etsy next weekend, need to make more :).

    Michelle, I bet you keep mini artists all over the world happy with your orders :). Love those window thingys you are working on too, they look fantastic!

  4. My favorite is the mushroom book. You do such beautiful work Lorraine!

    Victoria ♥

  5. Yep, the mushroom book would have to be my favourite, too!!
    In fact they're all superb, Lorraine, you are one very talented lady :)

  6. Loving all the books Lorraine but yep my fav is the mushroom book too. These look like a lot of work to have readable pages too! Great scrolls, you are always so busy! Kate xx

  7. Son unos trabajos magnificos, enhorabuena.
    Mi libro favorito el de setas, te ha quedado genial
    besitos ascension

  8. ¡Perfecta impresión! Has conseguido una maravilla de libros con unos gráficos muy claros. Las tapas de piel rematan el trabajo.
    Besos Clara

  9. Thanks Clara! I wish I had a laser printer though, then the graphics would be perfect :).

    And all you mushroom lovers, just wait until I show you the improved version. It's much better! I'll put it on the blog later today.