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Friday, September 17, 2010

Fancy Books

As the days trickle on and I think more about my upcoming giveaway, I thought I'd give you another hint - there is always glass incorporated into these types of things... can't wait to get to 100 followers!!!
Okay, here are my fancy books:
From the top left: Crystals, Herbs, Mushrooms, Celtic Magic
Second row: Astrology, Talismans, Blank, Divination
Third row: Goddesses, Pentacles, and Horse magic

So what do you think of my better mushroom book? I changed the binding, centered and straightened the mushroom, and rearranged the moss.
It opens and closes better, feels sturdier, and in my opinion it looks better too :).

I finally put a cover on the astrology book. I'm still not 100% happy with it, but it's okay.

I made a Celtic Magic book. Unlike my other books, this one is all words, no pictures. Contains some Celtic Magic Spells too.

This next one is the divination book. I went through 3 covers... couldn't decide or kept messing them up.
This book contains brief information about some of the more popular divination methods.

This next one is a special one for my customer. She really likes horses.
Along with information about horses through the ages, there are spells too. For example a spell to heal a sick horse, and a safe travel spell (horses are a symbol of travel). Lots of information about Epona too.

And last but not least, the Goddess book. 20+ Goddesses and some quick info about them. I'm not super familiar with the Goddesses, so I hope I did okay.

That's it, you saw the others in the earlier post. It's Friday night here and I've got some things to finish up over the weekend, but maybe next week I can get some of these books on Etsy.

Which one is your favorite? Which one do you think people would want on Etsy? Don't worry no commitment to buy, just polling the crowd :)

Goodnight everyone! Maybe the kids will let me sleep in on Saturday... :)


  1. Lorraine, it's gotta be a trick question - they're aaaallll fab!! Though I do think the mushrooms would do very well, seems to be a popular theme at present :)

  2. Definatly agree, the mushroom book is even better this way and I love it so would certainly love to see those in your shop Lorraine! Anything wizardy for me! Have a great weekend, Kate xxxx

  3. Hi Lorraine,

    I'm glad I've found you and your amazing blog - now it's only 7 more followers until the magic 100 is reached... ;O)
    I think all of your books are fantastic, I'm not able to pick a favorite. Nevertheless, I agree with Glenda, mushrooms are hip these days so this one will be a definite sale. But I would recommend to do another one of the horse magic, too - there are a lot of horse lovers out there.

    Greetings from Germany

  4. Sweet little books. I like the covers; especially the mushroom and celtic magic one. Have you done one about Unicorns? I think maybe you have...

    I'd dry-brush a little black on the sun face on the cover of the blue book, or use whatever method you prefer for antiquing. I use alcohol inks on metal and clay. It would give it a more depth and aging (this book has been around for a loooong time..) It looks a little "flat" and that may be why you are not happy with it.

  5. Que magnificos libros, enhorabuena!!!!
    Son todos maravillosos, te quedan perfectos.
    besitos ascension

  6. The mushroom book and horse books are my favorites and would sell well on Etsy I agree. They are all great Lorraine!

    Victoria ♥

  7. Your books are great!! Love them, I like the horse books.
    -Kim :)

  8. Thanks Glenda and Kate, I really love that mushroom one too! I was planning on making something small and special to go with it too. We'll see next week :).

    Hi Birgit, and welcome! I had planned to do some sort of horse on the cover, like the mushroom and herb books, maybe I'll be able to next week.

    Tabitha you are right, it is too flat! I couldn't find the right paper for the binding and hastily glued the sun on there without enough thought to it, I think I was very fed up with it :). Maybe next week's will prove better. And it's all too bright!

    Thank you Ascension! Perfect is far from the word I would use, but thank you :)

    Kim, another horse lover! Maybe once I fix up the cover and make a horse charm for it I'll be happy with replicating it :)

    Waking up to all these lovely comments really puts a girl in a mini mood! Now I've got to go finish some skulls :). Thank you everyone!!!

  9. Gosh, I would love to buy them all! ;D I love the flower book most but to be true I love them all!:D

  10. Thanks Ewa! I was contemplating whether the flower should be something leafy instead, so it doesn't look so garden-y instead of herb-y.

  11. No favourite! lol I love them all..they are fab! I hope you make lots...or it's more on my must have list! :o))

    Michelle xxx

  12. Awwwe Michelle... you're just saying that ;)

  13. I really love that you've taken the time to fill the books with something. It shows so much care and detail on your part. I love them all and would love to have a dollhouse so I could fill it with your lovelies!

  14. Thanks Morgan! I just hope I filled them with the right stuff :)