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Sunday, September 5, 2010

New Wands & Boxes for Etsy

I made some new wand boxes in some new colors and I added some hand drawn designs to the box tops as well.
I made the wands to match the boxes. They aren't new wand designs, just new colors.
Sorry about the shine on the designs, can't ever seem to get my photo work right :).

Here are some close ups, I have many more pictures for each wand and box that I'll post on Etsy when I list these.
I think this gold one looks almost royal. The wand is sitting in red velvet lining.
The green and orange ones are my favorite! So halloweeny!
This blue one almost looks wintery.
After doing the lid design on this one, I wished I had made the wand square-ish to complete that art deco look. The lining is black velvet for this one.

Okay, I might get to some candles for Etsy but I might not. I have some gifts to work on and orders to ship out, then I have to get started on the books. I'm hoping to start on the books on Tuesday, so I better hurry!


  1. I love these! Love the matching colours and the ornaments! Great work Lorraine - as usual of course!:)

  2. I loved these and just had to have one for my Wizards and Wands Bookstore, the problem was which one, they are all so lovely. I finally decided on the orange one :0)Now I must get on with the bookshop counters to display it on :0)
    Julia xxx

  3. EEk Im the same Julia, blue or green, blue or geen cant decide!!! Love the spiderwebby look on the green box but love the blue twisty wand, decisions decisions!! So many lovely things Lorraine! Kate xxx

  4. Las varitas te han quedado fabulosas, me encantan
    Esas cajitas son perfectas para lucir esas varitas, son una maravilla.
    besitos ascension

  5. Preciosas, me encantan como te han quedado las cajitas, son preciosas.
    Las varitas son maravillosas.

  6. Thanks everyone! I'm going to have a hard time packing these up, I don't want to give them up! :)

    My daughter has given me ideas for more like these, as soon as I'm done with the books I have to make I hope to put some new wand designs out with new matching boxes.

  7. I love these! Fabulous designs on the boxes too. Are you going to make some empty boxes too? ;o)

    Michelle xx

  8. Empty boxes... I should have thought of that :). Maybe I can get some going next weekend.

  9. ¡Que manos! Las varitas por si mismas ya son una preciosidad, pero tú añades el estuche elegante y acorde al color de la varita. Me parece muy dificil hacer esas cajitas tan estrechas. Pero tú lo consigues.
    Besos Clara

  10. Thanks Clara! It does take some patience, but once I made a few wands and got the hang of it they weren't so difficult. The boxes weren't so hard either once I got the template right. I wasted so much paper getting it right :).