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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Witchy Cabinets, Done!

Well here they are, all filled with little potion making supplies.
There's 3 different kinds of mushrooms, 3 herb packets, 3 scrolls, a table top cauldron, a bowl full of herbs, a mortar and pestle, a potion bottle, an open book showing various mushrooms, herbs, and arcane documents, a few lavender sprigs, and some St John's Wort (yellow flowers).

It took a while to make all the little things since I didn't have a plan, but I'm very happy with them. I don't care for the books though, they didn't turn out quite right.

I'm going to list them on Ebay this Sunday (May 2, 1pm Pacific Time). I'm still pretty new in the mini world and my exposure is low, so if they don't sell on Ebay then I'll list them on Etsy.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Witchy Cabinets ready for filling...

And here they are!
I messed up the pentagram inlets but I guess it goes with the rustic, messed up look I'm going for. I'll probably spend tomorrow making all sorts of little magical things to fill them.

Witchy Cabinet Improvement

I was so frustrated with the hinges that I made a second cabinet using just sraight wire as the hinge. I got the idea from looking at one one of those hutches they sell at Michaels Arts and Crafts for a dollar. This cabinet turned out better but there are still many flaws. Maybe I'll get it right on the next one...

Witchy Cabinet

Last night I got the idea for a witchy cabinet. It's kind of like a tabletop cabinet, or a cabinet and trunk all in one. It was easy enough to design, but I had a lot of trouble with the hinges. I am the worst at working with hinges! If anyone has tips or tricks for working with hinges, I would greatly appreciate the help!

I ended up making the top and front much thicker than the rest due to the hinge problems, and I ended up with air bubbles and large gaps, yuk! Well I guess I could just call this one the prototype :). I'm going to paint it and fill it anyway and see how it turns out. I plan on making a better one of these and then another one with drawers instead of a door.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Check out these amazing blogs!

I have had serious writer's block... or whatever it's called for miniature artists :). Anyway, I needed a break so I've been surfing the net, reading blogs and looking at pictures for the last few days.

I ran across this really great blog not too long ago and this was the perfect time to really sink my teeth into it, actually I read the whole thing from it's beginning... a bit obsessive, I know. It's just that it's so full of great little creations and tidbits of information! I know most of my few followers (thanks for following!!!) probably already know about it, but I highly recommend 'Witch and Wizard Minitures by Nikki Rowe'. She is really amazing at this stuff!

Now I just have to hop over to one of her good friends blogs (Tiny Treasures) to see what that's all about :). I think Debbie was my first follower, thank you Debbie! Thanks a lot! I like the potion bottles, they are very whimsical!

Nikki started a new blog today for mini artists to get together and ask and answer questions. I think it's the greatest, these people make such lovely miniatures that gleaming any knowledge from them is a priviledge! Its called Miniature Question and Answer.

Well I think I've got my mojo back now, I'm working on a small cabinet for some witchy supplies and some altar tables. I'll post pics soon.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Vampire Hunter Set

This 1:12th scale Vampire Hunter set includes a beautifully handcrafted leather book with polymer clay accents (the book is non-opening), a hand sculpted vampire skull - realistically painted for that aged look, and a decorative holy water bottle.

Perfect for that magical or spooky Victorian setting! Lots more pictures on Etsy.

Etsy: http://www.dollhouseminisbydfly.etsy.com/

Website: http://www.dflycreations.net/

Monday, April 19, 2010

Leather Books - 1:12th Scale

These decorative leather bound books are non-opening and all accents are handcrafted by me. The books measure about 1” tall and 5/8-3/4” wide, perfect for the dollhouse miniature enthusiast. They make great magic tomes or book of shadows, one features the Green Man.

There are more pictures of each book at my Etsy shop.

Etsy: http://www.dollhouseminisbydfly.etsy.com/

Website: http://www.dflycreations.net/

Friday, April 16, 2010

Edgar Allen Poe's Writing Desk

Edgar Allen Poe’s Writing Desk

An old fashion writing desk, old parchment, candle, real feather quill, ink container, a journal or book initialed “E.A. Poe”, and a perch for a Raven that will sit there… nevermore.

This setting is like looking into Poe’s study so many years ago. Written on one of the parchments are the final words to Poe’s Raven poem.

All items are in 1:12th scale for the dollhouse miniature enthusiast. Items do not come permanently arranged.

Etsy: http://www.dollhouseminisbydfly.etsy.com/

Website: http://www.dflycreations.net/

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Red Poppies

These are hand sculpted polymer clay red Poppies. 2 bloomed flowers, 1 flower bud, and one leaf. All in 1:12th scale for the dollhouse miniaturist. The flowers and leaves come permanently arranged in this hand painted wooden bowl.

Etsy: http://www.dollhouseminisbydfly.etsy.com/

Website: http://www.dflycreations.net/

Flowering Watering Can

This miniature watering can is bursting with polymer clay flowers! 1 Sunflower, 3 red Tulips, 3 yellow Daffodils, 3 white Daisies, 2 pink Roses, and 3 Lavender sprigs. All in 1:12th scale for the dollhouse miniaturist. The flowers and leaves come permanently arranged in this store bought tin watering can.

Etsy: http://www.dollhouseminisbydfly.etsy.com/

Website: http://www.dflycreations.net/

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Crystal Ball Stands

These are a one of a kind, hand sculpted crystal ball stands.

Left: Three snakes coiled around each other hold up a crystal ball. The snakes have a lustrous gunmetal finish, with purple eyes. The clear glass ball does not come permanently attached. The entire piece stands at 1” tall and 5/8” wide.

Center: Ringed in faux stone, the dragon claw has iridescent scales and realistic claws. The clear glass ball comes permanently attached. The entire piece stands at 7/8” tall and ¾” wide.

Right: A classic design, this stand has a lustrous gunmetal finish, with turquoise embellishments. The clear glass ball does not come permanently attached. The entire piece stands at 7/8” tall and 1/2” wide.

Perfect for any magical or spooky scene! These pieces are made in 1 inch scale for the dollhouse miniature enthusiast.

Etsy: http://www.dollhouseminisbydfly.etsy.com/

Website: http://www.dflycreations.net/

Gypsies, Divination, and more...

Several years ago I made some of my first miniatures in the form of a Gypsy Caravan with a fortune telling theme. The structure was not really that sturdy and it finally started to give, so I decided to piece it apart and salvage the accessories. Everything was glued down in the Vardo, so some of the items are damaged on their backsides from ungluing them. But as you can see from the pictures, no damage can be seen unless you turn the items over.


Here is a divination set. There’s a realistic Ouija board, many arcane looking documents scattered about, some runes, tarot cards, a tarot card box (non-opening), various potion bottles, a mystical book, a crystal ball and stand, some scrolls, a map with a scrying pendulum, and a model palm reading hand.

I pulled these apart from the others because I don’t think they are at the same caliber. Here you get 3 books, a candle, a lantern, 2 bowls, a spoon, a scrying mirror, and a scroll. The scroll has a little more damage, he bottom right end is broken. It’s hard to see, but it’s there. It doesn’t completely separate, it just kind of hangs of you pick it up.

This is a copper stove with matching teapot and mug. The stove is a rough piece, but the teapot and mug are quite nice.

And finally, here are distressed posters that covered the Vardo’s exterior and some that were just strewn about the caravan.

You can find all of these listed on Etsy for nice low prices,

Etsy: http://www.dollhouseminisbydfly.etsy.com/

Website: http://www.dflycreations.net/