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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Beauchene Skull Finished...

I finished the stand, it's on its way to a happy home!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Beauchene Skull...

I have a new creation for you. This is just a sneak peak, I'm not done with it yet.

It's called a Beauchene Skull, sometimes also referred to as an Exploded Skull. I saw it on TV twice in one week on two totally unrelated shows and just new it was a sign that I had to make one :). It's just my meager attempt though...
I think most beauchene skulls are dis-articulated into 14-22 pieces, mine is only 9 pieces since it's so small. I made it in 1:12th scale. It's made from polymer clay and the stand is brass. I'm still working on the base, so maybe I'll have it out in a few days or a week.


On another note... Not much has been moving in my Etsy store and I've been feeling like my prices are too high lately. I want to make sure my items are affordable so I'm lowering prices. I am also offering free shipping until 04/01/2011. Just use coupon code DHMBD04012011 when you checkout. I hope that can make a few people out there happy :).

Thanks for following my blog!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wand Box Stacks & Wand Stands

I've been on a sort of break from things, spent some time with the family. And I've had these wand boxes half done for weeks and weeks, maybe even a month or two. I finally put the finishing touches on them and made some wands to go with them. The idea for these came from a custom order request I got a while back and from the Harry Potter 2 movie, the Flourish and Blotts scene with all the wonky and twisty stacked books.
I'll be listing them on Etsy right away, I made two of each kind. I'm also contemplating making some similar stacks without the open/display box and wand (it would cut the cost by $15.00). If you are interested in some of those, please let me know, I might not make them right away unless someone wants them.

To give you an idea on the pricing...
-Closed non-opening wand boxes $8.00 each
-Open Box/Display Box $10.00 (lid is removable)
-Rustic Wand $5.00

Hope you all like them!

I've really been into wand displays lately. I've looked at pen stands and sword stands to get inspiration. Here is one of the pieces I made with a brand new wand design.
I'll also list this one on Etsy right away, I only made one stand, but I made two wands so I'll be selling one wand all by itself.
I've been working on a multi wand stand too, I have it all done and just need to make the wands to display. Hopefully I'll kick myself into gear and finish it next week.

Well I know I've been missing for a while but aside from spending time with the family, I've also been learning some metal smithing techniques that I hope to put to use in some new mini ideas I have. It might be a while before I can bring them into fruition though, I'm still taking my time getting started, I'm still kind of unsure of my skills with metal :).