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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wand Box Stacks & Wand Stands

I've been on a sort of break from things, spent some time with the family. And I've had these wand boxes half done for weeks and weeks, maybe even a month or two. I finally put the finishing touches on them and made some wands to go with them. The idea for these came from a custom order request I got a while back and from the Harry Potter 2 movie, the Flourish and Blotts scene with all the wonky and twisty stacked books.
I'll be listing them on Etsy right away, I made two of each kind. I'm also contemplating making some similar stacks without the open/display box and wand (it would cut the cost by $15.00). If you are interested in some of those, please let me know, I might not make them right away unless someone wants them.

To give you an idea on the pricing...
-Closed non-opening wand boxes $8.00 each
-Open Box/Display Box $10.00 (lid is removable)
-Rustic Wand $5.00

Hope you all like them!

I've really been into wand displays lately. I've looked at pen stands and sword stands to get inspiration. Here is one of the pieces I made with a brand new wand design.
I'll also list this one on Etsy right away, I only made one stand, but I made two wands so I'll be selling one wand all by itself.
I've been working on a multi wand stand too, I have it all done and just need to make the wands to display. Hopefully I'll kick myself into gear and finish it next week.

Well I know I've been missing for a while but aside from spending time with the family, I've also been learning some metal smithing techniques that I hope to put to use in some new mini ideas I have. It might be a while before I can bring them into fruition though, I'm still taking my time getting started, I'm still kind of unsure of my skills with metal :).


  1. Hi Lorraine! love your stacks. The wand stand is great!

    Victoria ❤

  2. These are totally fabulous Lorraine, I love all the stacked boxes, when I finally get round to doing an HP shop id love some! Kate xxx

  3. Hi Lorraine, I love my boxes which will eventually have pride of place in my Ollivander's along with all my wonderful wands from yourself.

  4. Fabalous as usual Lorraine so had to treat myself again LOL
    Julia xx

  5. Great to read you again Lorraine!:) Wands and boxes great as usual!:D

  6. These are just fabulous!!! I love everything! More things on my wants list for my Diagon Alley shops. ;o))

    Good to see you here Lorraine. :o)

    Michelle xx

  7. que maravilla de varitas magicas, no deja de asombrarme con cada diferente que hace... :)