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Monday, March 22, 2010

Easter Baskets with Bunnies

I made a couple of these last year and never finished the rest... Not too late for Easter is it?

I took a store bought basket, sculpted on one of my handmade, pearl dusted polymer clay ribbons, and added synthetic grass and hand painted polymer clay eggs. For the bunny, I took a store bought plastic bunny, cleaned up and sanded the lines, painted it and attached it to the basket.

I have 11 total, and one more without a bunny. Each one has a different bunny on it. I have some listed on Etsy and the rest will be on my website.

Leftover pie, YUM!

I found a few extra pies laying around when I did some spring cleaning, so I posted them on Etsy for sale. There's Pumpkin, Pecan, and 3 different Blueberry pies (I was experimenting). I'm still working on my photography skills, so you can't see the great shades to the crust or the correct blueberry color, sorry about that. As usual, the pies are made in 1 inch scale for the dollhouse miniature enthusiast.

There are more pies available on my website, I have at least 4 of each listed in stock. http://www.dflycreations.net/

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bread Assortment

My latest creation is an amazing bread assortment which includes 31 pieces of bread. They are made in one inch scale for the dollhouse miniaturist and are a perfect feature in any bakery or rustic farmhouse kitchen.

I made 5 of each kind of bread (3 times as many croissants) to sell individually and one more set to sell as the full assortment.

The assortment is listed on Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/DollhouseMinisByDfly

The individual breads are on my website, and more full assortments are available on my website as well (while supplies last). ***You save money when buying the assortment vs. the individual bread, if you want that much bread :). http://www.dflycreations.net/
The bread is made from polymer clay. My favorite is sculpey III, but I used Premo on these.