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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dark and Spooky

My lovely new friend Phylis that I have been having a wonderful chat with has just boosted us up to 95.... only 5 more followers to my giveaway! Welcome all of you, hope you like my minis. Time is flying! I better start making the giveaway item, (Hint - it is considered furniture).
Well I'm sure you will see the following items in the future in one of our blogging buddies posts, but I love to show what I've been working on.

Some black candles, no labels this time.

Some dripping candles. I still can't get the lighting right to show the drips, too ugly when the lighting is dark and too shiny when it's bright - and the wax color doesn't help :).

Some maps, they're so tiny but maybe someone will recognise what it is a map of :). When I was about to make these, I had to ask my customer if she wanted them to have clean edges or burned, she decided on clean but then I was too curious to see them with burned edges so I made a batch of each! Hope she doesn't mind the extras :).

Some skulls. Love these guys, they have that grin that just gets ya!

And then some skull and bone sets.
I have extra skulls, I'll throw them on Etsy tomorrow (that might mean late evening today to my friends across the pond).

And then there's pumpkins, saved my favorite for last :). The bigger pumpkins are half the size of my usual pumpkins, they are meant to sit on tables and such whereas my usuals are pumpkin patch size (normal size). And then the little ones in front are really tiny for tucking into spots that need a little something. I had one of the little ones laying around for months and when I made the big ones I decided to make more of the tiny ones just because. They're not much but I hope she can make use of the extras! :)

That's it for today!


  1. Gosh I love everything you make, Lorraine! :D Great stuff as usual! The maps are great and so are the pumpkins!

  2. Oooooo, it's all lovely!
    I love it all, but the dribbly candles are my favourites!

  3. Te ha quedado todo de maravilla.
    Me encantan las calaveras, son perfectas, enhorabuena.
    besitos ascension

  4. Beautiful Lorraine, the pumpkins and candles are wonderful and those skulls, he he love them, smily skulls how cool! Kate xxx

  5. Everything is absolutely well done, but my favourite are the skulls, they're great!


  6. Fabulous, fabulous! I love the skulls (sooo real looking) and pumpkins the bestest!

    Michelle xxx

  7. What great miniatures you make..they are all great, but I really like the pumpkins!!
    -Kim :)

  8. Thanks everyone! Your comments are lovely!!!!

  9. OMG Lorraine! I wasn't going to look but needed to make a blog post and so I ended up here hee hee. I can't wait to get this order and put your wonderful creations in a cupboard!!! You out did yourself on this. No one guessed the map I see, this is not the common map of Dante's Hell but my favorite. I love it with the burned edges! and Thank you for the extras!!! The skulls and pumpkins are perfect!!! and the bones, I am so excited this is all I can think about. The candles are excellent!!! I hope I don't burn the 3 gallons of applesauce I am making on the stove.

    Victoria ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  10. I hoped you'd like it all! Let me know if the pumpkins are still too big and I'll send more.

    Wish I lived closer to you! Warm applesauce on a cool fall day like today would be perfect :)

  11. Just love all these especially the candles and the skulls.

  12. I love it all - but the skulls in particular are super.

  13. Thank you both! I need to make some new ones though, I have a few different skulls that I molded years ago but I'm tired of looking at them now and need different ones :)