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Friday, September 3, 2010

Wand Boxes

Some wand boxes I made for the big order that I'm still working on...

Some of the original design.
These are clay with a wood look to them, darkened to make them look old. The linings are green in one and a sheer silver/gray in the other.

And some of the new design.
This one is a plumy purple with a light sheer purple ribbon and a black velvet lining. The lid is a metallic silver. Camera doesn't show the colors and shimmer at their best, sorry.
This one came out better than I planned! It's got a sheer black ribbon with an orange ribbon lining. The bottom box is black and the top is orange with some hand drawn decor.

I'm going to make things for Etsy now before I move on to the 'books' section of the order. The books are going to keep me busy once I get started so I guess it's now or never.

My lawn is never going to get mowed! :)


  1. Las cajas te han quedado estupendas. Me encantan.
    Besos Clara

  2. They are all beautifully made Lorraine , the orange one is my favourite, the colours and detail are lovely. Look forward to seeing the books are they out of paper/ leather or clay? Kate xxx

  3. Thanks Kate. The books will be paper, but I might incorporate some clay. They need to open and be readable.