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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mystery Mini Revealed!

Have you been itching to know what the mystery mini would be? I've been itching to reveal it! I don't know what the exact proper name of it is, it is essentially a display case, but I am making one that is more like a display stand... so I call it a display case stand J.

Here is a picture of one I found listed as a display case.

Here is another display case... but it's tall like a display stand.

And here is another one .

The one below however, is the one that inspired me. Sorry I couldn't find a better picture. It's actually from a video game (hence me getting the time period all wrong at first!). It's got that slanted top that I love (you may remember it from the traveler's desks I made), and it's got a glass top and velvet lining for showcasing your treasures (or other minis in our case J), and it's tall like a stand of some sort (kind of like my bookstands). In the video game it is of dark wood and reminds me of Tudor furniture, maybe it's the feet. It comes in a variety of widths and a variety of velvet interiors.

So who wins the guessing game? I count 4 exact guesses and 4 extremely close guesses.

Kate, Michelle guessed Display Cabinet
Mieljolie guessed Display Table
Jaime guessed Display Stand
Lainie guessed Glass Table (close)
Victoria guessed that Lainie might be right J
Sara Scales guessed Cabinet with Leaded Glass (close)
Patty guessed Elaborate Bookstand with Glass to Protect the Items on the Shelves (close)

Great guesses to EVERYONE! Some made me giggle and some gave me ideas, (I feel a Tantalus in the future J). So thank you to everyone for participating!

I have some of your addresses already, Meiljolie, Lainie, Sara, and Patty I'll need you to email me at lorraine@dflycreations.net with your address. I'm not quite done making your little tidbits so I will save announcing what they are until I can finish them and take some good pictures.

As for the grand prize winner... the winner of the display case stand, I will be gathering the names of everyone who posted a comment on the giveaway post and picking one out of a hat. It will be after I finish with the guessers prizes so be patient J.

Again, thanks to ALL my followers, still can't believe there are so many of you!


  1. Damn!! a bulletin board! here's what it was! I swear that I had thought, but I dare say, no mistakes ... okay, it will be for next time!
    then still do not know who won? expect the extraction of all those who wrote a comment or only between those who have guessed? I have not yet figured out ...
    a kiss and congratulations on a brilliant idea!

  2. Oh I guessed close. I thought I was way off!. Thank you! I have emailed you my info :~)

  3. Sorry for the confusion Caterina, the winners of the guessing game were the 8 people I named above. The winner for the display case stand is not yet announced. I will be using names of all that commented, not just those who guessed for the drawing.

    You might still have a chance to win :).

  4. Oooh I guessed right yippeee!!! Looking forward to the giveaway draw even more now, would be very cool and would fit into lots of my projects!Kate xx

  5. Thank you Lorraine, I can't wait to see this table.

    Victoria ♥

  6. Congrats to the ones that guessed well:D Can't wait to see the table!!

  7. Just wanted to tell you that your display stand is too wonderful for words! They will be most sought after!

  8. Felicidades a las afortunadas.
    Yo ni siquiera me acerque jejejeje
    Espero tener mas suerte en la proxima.
    besitos ascension

  9. Three guesses, but my first instinct was right on target! Yay!! ;D I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to see its debut, too. This was such a fun contest.


  10. oh! good! Thanks Lorraine, this means that I still have a hope ... I cross my fingers, and look forward to!
    kisses, Caterina

  11. Wow, I love the display case! There was a lot of close guesses too!! What a fun giveaway!