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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sharing time!

This is extremely long overdue! I have lots of things to share from many great artists, and I also have a few of my own things to show.

First my collection of Jamie Moore originals J. You might remember me showing the small one up front recently, he was part of a swap Jamie and I did. Then I just had to buy the two boxes you see in the back, after discussing it with my husband... we both agreed we HAD TO HAVE THEM AAALLL! We're a little crazy about Halloween like that! Jamie has an amazing checkerboard on auction at Ebay right now, ending really really soon.
Thanks Jamie! I love them!

Here's something I have had for quite some time now and just realized that I never shared (don't worry, I have already slapped my hand J). This amazing white leather set comes from a contest I won on Kat the Hat Lady's blog. I cannot tell you how ecstatic I am that I now own 3 of her hats! And aren't those shoes just precious!
Love them! Thank you Kat!!!!

And yes indeed! My fingers were quick on the draw and I snagged one of Nikki's skeleton bottles :). My first Nikki Rowe mini, it's so well crafted! She was even kind enough to include some extra tidbits that I can't wait to work with! When my kids saw them we all exclaimed together how we didn't know that acorn caps would look so different overseas. They are acorn caps right J?
Thanks so much Nikki, it's everything I hoped!

It's been long ago that I should have shared this one too. I got this great little book from Kaleidoskopic Romance. Kassandra is a doll to work with and she makes great looking dark-themed items, my fave! Sorry I got him a little dusty, but this book has a beautiful velvet cover and that great steampunk-ish thing on the front.
Thanks Kassandra! Love your Etsy shop!


Now we are on to some of my creations. I found a wonderful person on deviantART. Demet is from Turkey and makes really lovely watercolor flowers. Demet also has started making mini flowers (which are equally as lovely!), and dabbles in some other arts. I liked Demet's watercolors so much that I asked if I could make them into a mini book... and here it is.
Can't tell from the picture but this white flower is pearlescent.
There are many more pages with brilliant flowers, please visit Demet's watercolor flower gallery to see them all. This book is currently on it's way to Turkey, hope Demet likes it! If you would like to purchase a book like this, please let me know. Lorraine@DflyCreations.net

Moving on... I made some more pumpkins with faces for an order. I love these guys! I like to think that they are a little different than all the other pumpkins out there right now J.
These little guys are on their way to Italy along with some tombstones and wands. I hear they will be decorating a witch house, hope I get to see it when it's done!

Since we are on the subject of pumpkins, I made my pumpkin wand design into a pumpkin staff for Grimdeva of Cauldron Craft Miniatures & Oddities. It grew from 1 1/4 inches to 3 inches. Looks good to me, what do you think?
Yes, those are my giant sausage fingers! J My daughter wasn't around to let me use her slender hands.

Well that's it for now, off to see about making this follow-along thing and test some paint.


  1. I recently discovered Jaime's work and I am so impressed. She really pays attention to every single detail.

    I really love the little book with the beautiful flowers. It was very kind of the artist to allow you to make such a sweet little book!

    The staff rocks, for sure!

  2. Thanks Morgan! I want to make more staffs (or is it stalves?) but I haven't had time.

  3. Great collection! I love your new pumpkins and lucky you nabbing a Nikki Skele bottle. Grim's staff is really cool, you do such a wonderful job Lorraine.

    Victoria ♥

  4. I think I'm still spelling it wrong too... is it staves? :)

  5. A feast of minis!! The book is divine!

    Your pumpkin staff - wow, I'm sitting here drooling!! You know that you're never going to be allowed to rest now that you've shown us what you can do . . . clever, talented lady!!

  6. Love the white leather!! Your pumpkin staff looks great!!
    -Kim :)

  7. Thanks Glenda! Sometimes I forget to sleep, until I wake up with clay on my face :)

    Thanks Kim!!

  8. Wow, thanks for the wonderful pictures and links. The wand looks great!

  9. Oh I love it all!!! You have such wonderful buys! I adore Jamies work and im so sad it is too costly to send overseas thats why I nagged her to make minis so cheaper to send lol!! Once a beautiful music box that lit up sold too too cheaply on ebay and I so wanted it but the shipping held me back so someone got a bargain!! That chess set is amazing, Id go for it if in the US for sure!! ALl your minis are fab and I love the staff what a great idea, and the pumpkins too, hope you make more!!!! Kate xxx

  10. Thank you so much Lorraine!! I'm so happy that they all get to stay together!

    Love all the minis! The pumpkin cane is awesome and I love the faces on your mini Jack O'Lanterns! Are you going to be making more of those canes for Etsy?


  11. Beautiful miniatures collection! Great staff you've got, Lorraine and of course you made too! Love the big wand!

  12. Like Kate I envy your Jamie collection, just wish the shipping was not such a lot plus we may get caught for another 25% on top in the UK.

    Great post Lorraine, I read it twice and have drooled over everything. Love the longer wand this is a great design.

  13. Thanks Marieke!

    Thanks Kate! I wish there was more time in the day!

    Thanks Jamie, I keep trying and keep running out of time :), I may have too many things going at once... maybe ;)

    Thank you Ewa!!

    Thanks Janice! I haven't had the "pleasure" of dealing with customs yet but I keep hearing what a pain it is.

  14. Thank you for sharing, Lorraine. I too have so much to show , especially gifts from friends but I am always so ambitious about the setting that I'll want to create to show them off. So some of these things are shown only months after I have received them :):). Maybe even years :).

    You have shown some really fabulous stuff including your own. I love the new tall wand and am amazed you can still come out with a different pumpkin face after the flood in blogland now :) ..lol!

  15. Enhorabuena por esa preciosa coleccion de miniaturas son fantasticas.
    El libro de las flores me encanta.
    Me he enamorado de tus calabzas
    Feliz fin de semana
    besitos ascension

  16. Tienes unas preciosas obras de arte. ¡Enhorabuena! Esta entrada ha sido muy extensa y de mucha calidad.
    Besos Clara

  17. Thanks Sans! I still don't have any mini scenes of my own so I don't have any great set ups I can do for my new minis. Maybe someday... :)

    Thanks Ascension! I love those little pumpkins too!

    Thanks Clara! And I still have more to show!

  18. Lorraine, I'm really sorry I forgot to check your blog to see the little book of flowers. But it was a wonderful surprise to see it first hand when I received my post today. It is much more lovely then I have imagined and my husband was shocked to see such a small book :)Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  19. Your welcome Demet! It's the art that makes it so unique!