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Friday, October 22, 2010

Display Case Tutorial Part 2

Okay, next part... I made a ball of clay. Small, maybe 3/4" x 3/4".

Then I flattened it with my fingers. Not too much, it's still pretty chunky.

Then I took a needle and made more random indents all around it. These are deeper than the ones before. I had to rock the needle so it would move with the curve of the clay.

Then I flattened it a little more, just a tiny bit though.

Then I centered my previous piece on it.

And pushed it down, further flattening the disk thing and embedding the long piece into the disk.

Then I took my circle stencil thing and found a circle slightly larger than the disk.

And I rolled out some clay in my pasta machine and cut the circle out with my exacto knife.

I then put some TLS on the circle and placed my other piece on top, centered. I used TLS this time since I wouldn't be pushing down a lot to really get the two pieces to stick. If I pushed down to much it would distort the circle.

I added some clay to the top and shaped it with my hands. Then I used my needle and made two decorative lines on the new addition. I lightly wire-brushed the bottom disk thing to add some texture there.

Then I popped the whole thing in the oven.

Bottom piece is done for now. Moving on to another post....


  1. I need one of those circle things! How great a way to get a good circle, do you just use it for an imprint Lorraine then cut it out?xxx

  2. Actually I didn't make an imprint at all. Just lay the stencil over the clay and then use the exacto knife like a pencil. Use the stencil to guide the knife as you cut the clay.

  3. Otro paso perfecto explicado. La plantilla ayuda si la usas bien :))
    Besos Clara