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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pumpkin Wands

In honor of Halloween, I have designed a pumpkin wand with a matching pumpkin stand. I'm so pleased to say that this wand and stand are 100% original design from me. Usually I look at pictures and gather ideas and inspiration, but not on this one.
The wand sits in the stand perfectly. The stand is tiny and has a pumpkin patch kind of feel to it. Lots of curly vines, tiny pumpkins, and a pumpkin leaf.
I made a lot of these wands since I like them so much, so I will be selling them in different ways. One with the stand, 4 with boxes as you see in the picture below, and 4 just wands. Hopefully the price range will fit many people :).
The wand box features a brown bottom with orange ribbon interior. The top is orange with brown shading and a hand drawn pumpkin. I wanted the drawing to look like one of those old line art style drawings, I think I got close :).
The wand itself is made to look like the shaft is carved wood with some shading to get it nice and spooky looking. Then the hilt is greens and oranges with the pumpkin topper.
These will all be in my Etsy shop very soon. And I have so many more wand ideas now, this style opens up so much!


  1. Wow, Lorraine - this is superb!! The wand with the stand is just amazing - so beautiful, you've captured the vine perfectly! :)
    The Wand Queen!! :D


  2. They are fabalous and the wand on the stand just has to 'live' in the window of the Wizards and Wands Store ;0)
    Fantastic work.
    Julia xx

  3. I love it, It is wonderful, really original.

  4. Thank you Glenda! Love the title!!!

    Julia, it's going to look fabulous in your store! I'm so happy it's going to a good home :)

  5. Julia beat me too it this morning!! I wasnt up early enough. Its fabulous Lorraine as are they all but the one on the stand is really fantastic! My Gertrude witch asks if you will be making any more wands on stands for witches perhaps hint hint!!Oooh and Harry Potter themed wands on stands too.....you know Ill always keep you busy Lorraine! Well done Julia, grrrr !!lol Kate xxxx

  6. Oh no :o( ...Julia nabbed it ...I was just about to say how much I loved the wand stand, it would have been perfect in my skool of majick, and like Kate just said, if you plan on making anymore, I'd be happy to give one a good home! Its like the holy grail of wands LOL Glad it's got such a lovely new home though.

  7. WooooooooooooooooooooooW!Totally cool wands!

  8. WOW! Ok, then...I think it's now official.
    You are most definately the "Wand Queen".

    I will have to find a place for one because I absolutely must have one. Very well done!

  9. The nicest wand i have ever seen! I love pumopkins and love your idea!

  10. Estas varitas están perfectas. Dentro de sus cajitas estan muy elgantes presentadas. Esta idea nueva del expositor supera todo.
    Besos Clara

  11. Bravo Lorraine! This is most excellent!

    Victoria ♥

  12. Lorraine these are wonderful! I just snagged the wand in the box and the taller staff over at Etsy! Do you plan on making anymore of the wand with the pumpkin vine stand? How creative is that?

  13. Oh I love the pumpkin wand with the beautiful stand! Great ideas Lorraine!!

  14. Kate! I can't beleive someone was up earlier than you :). And yes, I will be making many more themed wands on stands!

    Wendie, thank you so much! I have many ideas for more of these types of wands and stands.

    Kat, thank you!

    Susan, the "Wand Queen"... I LOVE it!

    Nikki, Thank you so much!!

    Clara, Thanks! I think the box presentation is quite something too :).

    Victoria, Thank you!

    Gimdeva, thanks so much! I am definately making more wands on stands :).

    Ewa, thank you so much!!

  15. Whow, it looks wonderful and indead very original! And my compliments for the hand drawing of the pumpkin on the want box, amazing!
    greetings from Marieke

  16. Fabulous!!!I love how delicate and fine your work is- the stand is amazing!!

  17. Marieke, thank you! I am happy with the drawing too.

    Kim thanks so much!

  18. Wow, those are amazing! I love the stand!


  19. So it was Julia! I couldn't believe how quickly it had been snapped up! A wonderful piece Lorraine.