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Friday, October 22, 2010

Display Case Tutorial Part 4

We're on the home stretch now! I assembled the lid and painted everything black. I like my minis to have a dark look to them so I usually start with black or dark brown as a base color.

Can you see where my glue choice fogged the "glass"? I always have that problem, I even tried a different glue this time. I'll have to do something to cover that later.

I also attached the hinges.

I can't believe it, it actually opens! J

I attached the bottom piece. Looking a little better now J.

Sorry, I didn't take pictures of all the painting steps. I was just trying things out and ended up with this.

Using craft acrylics, I laid some antique white over the black (but not into the indents and creases), and then dry brushed on a really light amount of nutmeg brown. Then I dry brushed on several coats of brown oxide (it's a darker brown) to the areas I did not want highlighted by the lighter undercoat. I kept the circle at the bottom solid brown oxide, as well as the small trim right before the decorative disk at the bottom. Also the decorative piece at the top of the pedestal piece (right before the top piece) is solid brown oxide, and the edges of the lid are too.

On to the next post. There are finishing touches to be done!


  1. Its fantastic how it totally transforms it when its painted Lorraine. Was the bottom part flush and then just glued onto the top ? Love it! xxx

  2. Isn't it just a wonder! I thought it looked horrible up until I painted it! I did end up sanding that small bit off the top of the bottom piece before I glued on the top piece.

  3. ¡Increible! Una transformación en madera, mágica.
    Besos Clara