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Friday, October 22, 2010

Display Case Tutorial Part 3

Ready for the top? J

I made myself a template on my computer for the lid piece. That is always the best way for me to get my measurements correct. It's just boxes and rectangles, I just imagined the top in a flattened view and this is what I got. I wrote in the measurements for you.

I then used the template to cut the shapes from wood. The wood is 1/16" thick, nice and thin. I ended up having to cut 1/8" off the bottom of the center piece, it had to do with the way I was putting it together. I didn't account for the 1/16" thickness of the top and bottom pieces in my template and it was making the side pieces seem too short.

Here it is all assembled.

I used my same template to cut the top piece out of the same kind of wood. Also cutting the hole for the "glass".

I then chose my hinges and cut some notches for them to fit snugly against the wood.

Here's my glass J. An old plastic something that I will cut down to size.

Here it is slightly larger than the hole but smaller than the wood piece.

Slippery plastic doesn't like glue, so I'm making a twin to my wood piece out of clay. This will sandwich the "glass" in.

I almost for got about the 1/16" thickness of the walls of the box, so I cut the clay piece smaller than the wood piece and baked it. This way the lid will lay flush to the box when it closes. I'm showing you the pieces layered here so you can see the size, but remember that the "glass" goes between the clay and wood when we are ready to assemble.

Okay, I'm going to go to a new post for the assembly and painting. See you there J!