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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Skull Wand

My commissioned orders are almost all complete for now, so I will be spending the holiday season bringing out the new wand designs that I have been promising. I will try to continue to list them in 3 ways (wand & stand, wand & box, and just wand) so that I keep an affordable range of prices available to you. If you miss out on a wand you like, let me know and I can make it again for you.

I have put together a quick Wand Price Guide for everyone, take a look at it for prices, wand varieties, and more.

Okay, now for a new wand....
I have been dying to put this design out for a while, (since I did the Pumpkin Wand actually). It is my new Skull Wand.
My daughter helped design this box, I think it's perfectly creepy!

And inside.... laying on a bed of black velvet.... almost like a coffin J.... is the matching wand. 

The wand and box have very simple colors, an off-white with black accents and shadings. 

The skull is not as detailed as some of my others, but this guy is just so tiny! 

Can I say that this wand is my favorite when I say that about each one? J
The wand measures about 1 1/4" long, the box is about 1 1/2" long and 3/8" wide. I have a stand designed already too, I just haven't made it yet. It will have bones and skulls and be creepy J. This wand almost made me want to do a Voldemort wand... maybe in the future...

I am going to try and get the stand finished today so I can list it in Etsy by Friday. My Steampunk wand is also finished, I'm just finishing up the box so I'll show that one here on the blog next and hopefully list it on Etsy at the same time as the Skull wand. I'll do another post when I'm ready for Etsy.


  1. I have to own this wand!!! I collect skulls. Can't wait to see the stand. You have a winner Lorraine. Bravo Well Done!

    Victoria ♥

  2. Good gracious, woman, you just keep getting better and better!!!!
    This is just so excellent!!
    The box is pure artistry, and the wand is creeping me out, I love it! Beautifully crafted :)

  3. Thanks Victoria! Just wait 'til you see the stand!

    Thanks Eva!

    Oh Glenda, you are too nice!

  4. Brilliant! I also can't wait to see the stand!:)

  5. The box alone is an eyecatcher... and the skull wand is gorgeous. Wow - it would be mean to say this is my favourite because all of your wands are brilliant, but perhaps I can say it this way: Fits perfectly in a long line of very outstanding wands made by the wand-master (Or is it mastress? - Phhh, you know what I mean, lol).


  6. OOOOOOOhhh my Nightmare before Christmas setting is crying out for this too!!! Absolutly fantastic Lorraine, loving it to bits! Kate xxxx

  7. Pero que maravilla, es una preciosidad.
    El detallito de la calavera me encanta, que buen trabajo.
    besitos ascension

  8. Lorraine, what will you come up with next?? Mahvelous! All these wands you've made are really nice but to me, the especially neat part is the special box. I know, that sounds crazy, but it is unusual to see a special presentation box in miniature...it just completes the "package".

  9. Wow, that is really cool! Love it!!! Can't wait to see the steam punk one too!!


  10. Thanks Ewa! I can't wait to bring it out.

    Birgit, you said it perfectly :)

    Kate, as always one has your name on it :)

    Thanks Ascension, I'm hoping to get a little more detail in the skull as I make more for Etsy.

    Susan, I thought I was the only crazy one loving the boxes so much :). To me, it's all about presentation.

    Thanks Jamie, I'm hoping to blow some socks off with the steampunk wand :)

  11. I love the box..it is so creepy beautiful!!!! The wand is very wonderful too!!
    A steampunk wand??? I can't wait!! :-)

  12. Fabulous once again. I can see my collection growing!

  13. I can see loads of peeps love this wand! Its amazing! I have tried to make wands many times with mo luck. I cant believe the skull is so tiny!
    A broom to match would be great. I have a little whitish hair thats really stiff if you would like it, think there is enough for two brooms left in the pack.
    Im visiting all the blogs tonight. I feel so guilty that i never have time to comment everywhere!
    Look forward to the steampunk wand. xxx

  14. Thanks Margriet! I'm running a little behind, hopefully I'll still get to show it tomorrow.

    Thanks Janice!!!!

    Nikki! Nice to see you out and about :). I always feel guilty when I don't comment too, there are many blogs I read but don't have time to comment on. I'll send you an email about the broom hairs :).

  15. WOW love this wand totally cool, I also loved the Harry Potter newspapers you did Kate are you going to sell any in future? xxx

  16. Thanks Kat! I'm thinking of listing them for swap opportunities... I'll do a post about it when I finish these wands :)