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Monday, November 15, 2010

Skull Wand Stands

I've been a little slow with emails over the weekend, sorry about that! The weekend just slowed me down to a halt :). I'll get back to those of you who are waiting today.

Here are the skull wand stands I had talked about before.

This one is my favorite, I'll be listing these on Etsy when I'm done blogging.

Here's a little bit of a top view. 

And here's a view for size reference. 

This one is the first one I made , remember I said I wasn't happy with it.

I think the bones that hold up the wand are too tall.

And it feels like it's missing something. 

Maybe a rose, or a spider. Anyway, I'll list this one for less since I feel like it's missing something. 

I also painted the rest of the skull wands I had. I'll be listing these on Etsy as well. Wand 'J' is all crooked though, so he will also be on sale.

I have enough stuff to make 5 steampunk wand & box sets, I'll start working on those this week. I think I have enough stuff to make more wands after that (without the boxes), I'll have to check though.

I also have an idea for an industrial wand, kind of like the steampunk style but more steel and nuts and bolts. We'll see how far I get on that! :)


  1. I was here at the right time even weirder as I haven't been online all weekend. I managed to grab a wand and stand for my Borgin and Burkes shop! YAY! :O)) Fabulous work Lorraine!

    Michelle xxx

  2. I love how the other skull has lost its teeth..heheheee...
    Love them!

  3. Damn! missed it :o( my heart actually missed a beat thinking I might have been in the right place at the right time lol. Oh well maybe next time x
    you lucky thing Michelle :o)

  4. Michelle we have such similar taste! Your lucky I resisted as I was here right as they went on and my finger tapped that button but I decided to wait and be good and put my pennies towards another beautiful wand set. See it was meant to be that I left it for you he he! Fabulous stands Lorraine and Im so excited to see what you come up with next, Kate xxx

  5. They are amazing, Lorraine, I know they will fly out of your Etsy Store :)
    Julia xxx

  6. That's unfair - you know I'm German and I can't find the words in English to say how absolutely gorgeous, fabulous, amazing and adorable these pieces are! ;O) Great job!

    Have a great week!

  7. Thank you Lorraine!!! I was the lucky buyer of stand #2, i think it is so cool, I will drape it in webs and add a spider. Great work Lorraine.

    Victoria : )

  8. Oh, Lorraine, it's absolutely superb!! :))

    xxx Glenda

  9. I have read all about what you have been up to when I was away. Finally caught up with all your posts . Despite the BIG event, you have been extremely creative.

    This stand is wonderful, really really. A long long time ago, I was quite into skulls. It was my Goth period. Not anymore but I still think your skull wands and the box(!!!) are really magnificent.

  10. Thank you Debbie!

    Michelle, luck is definitely with you!

    Susanna, that's my favorite part too!

    Thanks Wendie, I had originally planned on making 4 stands but I gave up (didn't think they'd be so popular) :) Let me know if you want me to make you one!

    Kim, thanks!!!

    Thanks Kate!

    Julia, thanks, they did! :)

    Birgit, you are too funny!!!

    Victoria, that is going to look so good!

    Thank you Glenda! :)

    Thanks Sans!!!

    Jamie, thanks!!

  11. Es un trabajo fantastico, me encantaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!
    besitos ascension

  12. I love your wands, they are awesome and so fine handmade. You have so brilliant ideas!!!

  13. These are so cool! You really should make more of them as you make great miniatures Lorraine. On the other hand if you make a small amount they will be unique ;) Well they already are anyway :)