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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Remember the big stuff that was happening that was making me all stressed at home but I kept saying it was a good thing? Well it has reached its peak!

I used to work for a great company for 10 years, then went bonkers and quit because I had health issues. Well I really just should have kept working through my health issues and sought help and learned to cope... really, the grass is not greener on the other side! I've spent over a year in crappy jobs and scraping by financially and worrying every second.

Recently, I've been trying to get back into the same industry because other jobs just weren't cutting it and minis aren't paying all the bills. Finally, while interviewing a few times at a shiny new company they asked me to contact my old employer to get some references. It was looking extremely promising!!! I had a feeling they were really going to hire me! So, I contacted my old employer (the place I gave 10 years to) and they did what they could in regards to references. But.... they called the next day and asked me in for an interview there! OMG!!! I was so excited! The interview went great and I had a strong feeling I was going to be asked back. The next day, the shiny new company calls and offers me a job. It's the exact same job that I interviewed for with my old employer... now what was I to do! After a really long night I decided to hold out for my old company so I told the new guys, thanks but no-thanks. It was the hardest thing I've done since quitting. How could I turn down a job I've been searching for and worked so hard to try and obtain again!

Luckily, a few days later my old employer called to offer me a job! So I have a really great job again! With great money, and great people that I know and love and have missed for so long! So I've been running around and doing paperwork and making arrangements... whew! I'm tired and I haven't even started yet! :)  Busy, busy, busy!

So, what does this mean to my mini world? Only that I'll have more money for supplies!!!! Yaaayyyy!  I was doing this job when I first started making minis, so I really don't think it will be a hindrance, although I may slow down a little at first.

Okay, so, packages have been sent for everyone that ordered stuff around the skull wand time, I've shipped some on Monday and some today, sorry for the delay but I threw in extras for everyone. I'm still working on the steampunk stuff and hope to have it out around the weekend. I think 3 of the 5 sets I am making are spoken for, plus the preview set is also spoken for. That means I have 2 sets that will be listed on Etsy and hopefully some loose wands too.

Oh, and to celebrate my new job and old life returning,
I am taking 30% off all books in my Etsy shop.
I'll head over right now and start reducing prices.


  1. Lorraine- I'm so happy for you!!!! Congratulations!!!! I hope all goes well as you adjust back into your old job ♥

  2. Well done Lorraine. It seems your old company missed you too!

  3. Oh Lorraine what a lovely happy post to read, I can tell you are thrilled and you should be so proud of yourself! To be happy in your job is such a vital thing in life isnt it and I do hope you love it and Im sure youll be back into the swing of things in no time! Was getting abit worried there as to your creative side going by the wayside but woohoo fab that you can still carry on !!! Big hugs to you Im so happy for you! Kate xxx

  4. That's great news, I'm happy for you! I wish you a very good start at your new/old job!


  5. woohooooo Congratulations :D Linda x

  6. Great news Lorraine! So glad you got hired back and know what to expect. It's hard to start a new job at a new place with new people. Best of Luck and Happiness!

    Victoria : )

  7. Lorraine, I'm so happy for you!! That you will have less stress is great, and it's good that your talents are appreciated!!
    Well done! :))))))

  8. I too felt so happy for you reading this post. Like the rest here, I can totally sense your excitement and thrill. Isn't it weird that happy news like this put a smile on my face even though we haven't even met?

    Thank you for sharing, Lorraine!

    And we definitely still want you to carry on doing such great mini work and talking to us about it! :)

  9. Congratulations on your new job!! What a difficult but good choice you made to turn the other offer down! I hope you will be very happy with your old company!

  10. Congrats Lorraine!! What a beautiful start :) Good luck!!

  11. I'm so so thrilled for you so BIG congratulations to you!! :o))) I know how hard it is to work through health problems, but if you hang in there most DO pass. ;o))I'm sure you will be fine this time around. Much luck for the future Lorraine and I also look forward to your new work and my new mini in the post! :o))

    Michelle xxx

  12. Felicidades Lorraine
    Muy buena suerte.
    besitos ascension

  13. Congratulations Lorraine!! I am happy for you!!