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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

More Sharing...

Some more sharing!
I received some great stuff from Glenda over at Peppercorn Minis a while back, and it's well overdue for some blogging attention J.

Here are some of the minis that I received (there was a whole lot more in the package than just minis!). My ever so generous friend Glenda sent over not only items that I had ordered, but also included wonderful gifts!

First is this gorgeous mushroom themed rug.
I can't even begin to tell you how soft it is! If it was life-sized, I could curl up on it and fall asleep J. There are many rugs in Glenda's Etsy Shop, I highly recommend checking them out!

Then there is this perfect little bottle. Just look at the netting! And can you see that tiny feather? Just perfect! 
I distinctly remember someone buying these up like crazy, now I know why! These are also available in Glenda's Etsy Shop.

Then there are these beautiful baskets. My favorite Halloween colors! I want to fill these with Halloween candies and treats, as soon as I get a free minute J
I remember loving these when I first saw them, now I am so lucky to have 2! Thanks Glenda!!!

 Oh and look at this tiny medieval pouch! I'm telling you, Glenda has got magical fingers!
I think I would have gone crazy trying to keep that perfect bunching while still making it look so good.

Ooooo, and look at all the feathers Glenda sent! So many great patterns and colors and sizes!
Glenda recently did a blog post about trimming feathers, I will definitely be spending some time on that!

And just what a girl always wanted... thin leather!!! I can think of so many uses for these!
First things first, some wand sheaths/scabbards. Maybe I can use some for the interior of my steampunk wandbox... we'll see J.

My husband confiscated all the non-mini treasures that Glenda included for himself so I can't show you pictures of those, but I can show you what is on it's way back to lovely New Zealand....

Among other things that I'm not showing because I don't want to ruin the surprise, are some of my more popular minis and some new items.

Some drippy wax candles.
I accidentally took this picture before I blackened the candle tips, so just imagine that part done J.

Then some of my rustic wands. 

And some of the dragon scrolls that I have been making.  
From left to right: Dragon Classifications, Dragon Anatomy, and just plain old Dragons.

Now these little critters were so fiddly to work on. Barn Owl eggs. They are supposed to be just around 1/8" tall, I think mine went a smidgen over. I think I got the bone color right though. 

Last but not least... Mistletoe sprigs.  I hope these are what you wanted Glenda J.
I was really happy with how they turned out in the end, they went through quite a transformation in their assembly process. These are clay, I haven't tried making paper plants or flowers yet.

Well that's it, the rest is a surprise and you'll have to keep an eye on Glenda's blog to see what it is J.

I'll be doing some posts on some of my new wand designs in a few hours (it's still midday here), so keep your eyes peeled J!


  1. Todos los trabajos de Glenda estan muy bien trabajados y además tanto material. Felicidades por todos los tesoros.
    Tus trabajos siempre me alegran la vista. Ella estará féliz cuando los reciba.
    Estaré atenta a la sorpresa.
    Un placer cer esta entrada.
    Besos Clara

  2. I love your minis, the rug looks soft!!
    -Kim :)

  3. You sure got wonderful items, especially that tiny purse is unbelievable. I'm alway in deep trouble sewing the ears of my little bears, and that's a nothing compared to Glenda's work... ;O)


  4. They are all lovely. I have some of Glenda's baskets and they are divine :)
    Julia xx

  5. Oh lucky you Lorraine! Glenda's miniatures are perfect:) Just like yours ;)

  6. I love all your miniatures and the eggs are perfect.

  7. Hey, Lorraine, I'm blushing here!! Thanks so much for the links! :)
    I can't wait to get the parcel - everything looks soooo good!! The mistletoe is exactly what I wanted, and the barn owl eggs have beautiful colour and form - you're a genius!! Wands from the Wand Queen, and drippy candles and dragon scrolls - they'll all have pride of place!!!! Whoops, gotta be a bit faster in making my houses . . .
    So happy - thankyou!! :)))

  8. What beautiful goodies Lorraine, Glenda and yourself are just so talented! Im so wanting to stay up to see those wands, but bedtime is calling me, the children have well and truly worn me out! SO hoping some will be left by the time I check in tomorrow!! Kate xxx

  9. The rug is just beautiful, love the mushroom design. Glenda makes beautiful minis! I know Glenda will be pleased with her goodies.

    Victoria ♥