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Monday, August 2, 2010

What I've been working on... well some of it anyway :)

Before I say anything, let me say that these pictures are not so great. Lighting is bad and I didn't have time to get artificial light set up. I'm sooo busy! And I'm so sorry! Not only have I taken such a long time since my last post, but now I give you crappy pictures... it's a wonder I still have followers! XD

I've been working on some more charms, those bracelets I showed you before. They are my steady income right now but they are so time consuming. I've been running behind on everything else because of them. So... Kate and Emily, thanks for being so patient!

The pictures I have here are part of a package that will be going to Kate of The Whittaker's Miniatures and her daughter Emily of Emily Claire Fashions. Kate wanted plain pumpkins and pumpkins with faces, I just loved making the faces!

They both wanted skulls, Emily wanted a skull inkwell like on the Merlin show. I loved the idea so much that I cut the top off another skull and stuck some scrolls in there. Hope you girls like it! I'm also providing an assortment of feathers for quills. The white one in the skull has a pen attachment with a gold nib. You can kind of see it better in the picture after this one, kind of. When I was making the skull inkwell I was experimenting with the size and molded a small skull that I'm sending some casts of, I think I remember Kate and Lola getting inventive with skulls and books :).

Kate wanted some tombstones for a project she's working on, she picked some of my favorites. Again, sorry the lighting is so bad. It makes the colors look all wrong :(. They are actually gray and black, looks like a cement or stone finish. And Kate wanted the tree, I love that tree!

I still have quite a few things to finish up for them, it's about 9am here so I plan to spend the day working on it all. The best part about this all is that I get to make things I love, and send them to great people that I know will love them, and it gets me away from those darn bracelets for a while! XD

I've had my daughter Marie working on something special for Kate's other daughter Lola of Princess Lola's Miniature Diary, it's going to be quite lovely! Can't wait to show it!

Ladies, I'll have your package sent off this week, I promise!


  1. WOW you have been busy for Kate and Emily!! Wonderful commission's Lorraine and truly fantastic work too!! :o)))) I love everything and I hope you make some pumpkins and skull pots for Etsy! ;o)

    That tree is gonna need a big box to post! lol lol Just how tall is it?!It's fantastic!

    Michelle xxx

  2. Absolutely great minis Lorraine! Love them all and I am sure the girls will love them too!!

  3. Great work Lorraine I am sure the Whittaker's will be very pleased. The tree is fabulous, my favourite of all.

  4. These ladies are going to be so happy with these - what a funky bunch of treasures!!
    My fave is the parchments in the skull.
    I can see the tree in a misty setting with strange and mysterious offerings hanging from the branches . . .
    xxx Glenda

  5. Van a ser felices con todas esas maravillas!!!
    El arbol esta genial!!!
    besitos ascension

  6. Wow I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo jealous!Kate and Emily are going to love them.I love the pumpkins with the faces they are beautiful.

  7. He he we LOVE LOVE LOVE it all Lorraine, what a fantastic surprise to see our minis on the blog, now we are doubly excited and cant wait!!! Thankyou for all your hard work everything looks so amazing and please dont worry about rushing as poor Emily has bene struck with a nasty chest infection and cold so shes out of it so no work on her room box so far, and with the little ones at home Ive been so behind too so theres really no rush. Take your time and enjoy, you look like you have done so so far as it all looks made with such care and attention to detail!! Thankyou Lorraine, youve made my day to see it all!! Love Kate and Em and Lola sends a huge hug of thanks in advance and is giving me a kick up the backside to get on with her house too! Shes so excited! lolxxxxxxxx

  8. Hi, I like your blog, it's very nice!

    Greetings Jody.

  9. Hi Jody! Thanks for following! And welcome!