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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Severus Snape Wand

Remember my crazy and convoluted giveaway? Ewa (The Old Maid) from The Sunny 1:12 Miniatures won and has finally received her package, so now I can show everyone what I made! I didn't want to spoil the surprise for her so I've been waiting patiently XD.

However, in my excitement I only took pictures of the wand before sending it off... forgot to take pictures of the newspapers (Daily Prophets). Maybe Ewa will post some, check out her blog tomorrow and see what she says about it all :).
My husband wanted me to make these more traditional wand boxes so I gave it a try for the giveaway. I am very happy on how it turned out so I will be making many, many more! There are so many colors I can paint the boxes and then all the ribbon styles I can include... I already bought velvet ribbon for the lining and other sheer ribbons for the wraps. I'm thinking of incorporating either labels or some kind of fancy monogramming on the box. But plain looks good too, I think.

What do you all think about my new box? And the Snape wand too of course, I really had a hard time letting go of that one!

Congrats on the win Ewa!!!


  1. I will post the great newspaper tomorrow I promiss!:D I looove the wand and all the printies - they all are just magical :D I love the box. How is it possible to put so small box together without and glue marks? ;D Mine would be all in glue! A perfect work Lorraine! Thank you soooooooo much once again! And hope to see more wands in boxes soon! Thak you!!!!!

  2. La varita es una preciosidad y la cajita es aravillosa, tan chiquitina y tan bien hecha, estoy de acuerdo con Ewa en que no se ve nada la cola, un trabajo perfecto.
    Mañana pasare por su blog para el el periodico.
    besitos ascension

  3. I agree with your hubby, the new wand boxes are fabulous and in the films they are actual boxes like this (with lids etc).

    Wonderful work Lorraine and Ewa must as pleased as punch! :o))

    Michelle xxx

  4. Love them and I also think the boxes are great.

    A monogram would be cool though.

    I love the way you used the ribbon for the wrapping.

  5. The boxes are really lovely. The ribbon is a great idea

  6. Both the wand and the box are wonderful. I love them. Elis

  7. ¡Que preciosidad de varita!
    La presentación del regalo y la cajita es sublime.
    Besitos, May

  8. Oh Lorraine, it's such a fine set!! Beautifully made!! :)))

  9. Lorraine its gorgeous love how you have so much detail in that tiny wand!
    The box is amazing too, lovely and colourful , love the detailing of the small wrapping covering it! A monogram would be so cool! Kate xx

  10. Thank you EVERYONE! It's your kind support that keeps me going :). My favorite part is the sheer ribbon. Although it's beautifully flowy, when I cut it down to mini size it became stiffer than I would have liked. I had to tape it down in that pose for the camera.

  11. The wand is absolutely wonderful and the box is perfect. Especially the wand details. :o)

  12. Hello Lorraine, you have a most beautiful blog :). It is for a person who loves nature , like you said on your profile. Thank you for your interest in my blog and having seen your wonderful work, you bet I will be back again and again!

  13. Thanks Mari! I always look forward to your kind comments!

    Sans, I can't beleive I didn't find your blog before! Everyone is always talking about you and your great minis, I finally headed over to see what all the fuss was about and I was amazed! I'll leave some comments for you there in case you don't check back here. Thanks for following!