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Friday, August 27, 2010

Kate and Emily's package is in the mail!

I got to the post office 5 minutes before the doors were locked and got Kate and Emily's package in the mail. You should receive it soon ladies! I showed some of the items in my last post and I have pictures of the rest of the items to show you all, but I'm saving the items my daughter made for Lola as a surprise :).

Here is the full spread of the second batch of items. The colors in my camera are a bit on the orange-y side, sorry.

Here are some close ups:
I had fun making the candles, so I went ahead and made some tapered candles too. And one of the sage sticks was a little large so I made a smaller one, but I threw them both in the package. I swear the candles are not that orange-y!

Kate wanted some bottles like the ones I made for the altar table. I know you only wanted 6 but I say the little ones don't count so I made 8 :).

And can you see the badger skull in the pile? I love this thing, of course I love skulls in general but this one is my favorite! Took extra photos of it :)

And don't let me forget these, they came out great!

Hope you ladies like everything! I hope the tree branches make it safely too!

I'm working on another great commission that will have me showing you some new candles and other magical goodies, don't give up on me yet, I have more coming :)


  1. What a Treasure Trove! they are going to love them. The badger skull is my favorite.


  2. OMG Lorraine everything is AMAZING!!! Those Nightmare before Christmas jars are EXACTLY like the ones in the pic I sent you, how clever are you!! Emily is going to love that skull its just brilliant, not going to let her see, it will be a surprise and hoping by the time it gets here to have her walls up. Alot of the furniture is done and ready to be filled so we just need to paint the walls and its ready for erecting the room to put it all in ! So excited now to get it all, thankyou in advance for all your hard work and for the extra goodies!! Love Kate xxxxx

  3. Que maravillas de trabajos!!
    La cabeza del tejon, te ha queda fantastica.
    besitos ascension

  4. Estoy boquiabierta con tantas preciosidades.
    Es todo precioso. El craneo es increible.
    Que manos tienes.
    Besitos, May

  5. Thanks everyone! I really love making this stuff and I was so busy with some charms before that I was kind of missing from mini world... so glad to be back and making these again! More coming, lots more!

  6. What a fabulous selection Lorraine. They will certainly be a happy household! So many different items and beautifully made as usual.

  7. ¡Que paquete tan lleno de cosas! Está todo muy bien trabajado. Me han encantado las velas.
    Besos Clara.