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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Halloween or Graveyard items from long ago...

I've been cleaning out some things and found a lot of left over Halloween miniatures from a couple of years ago. They're mostly things for decorating a graveyard scene or something spooky like that.
I think my pumpkins turned out pretty good!

These candles are large because I intended for them to decorate a graveyard, sitting in front of and around tombstones.

(the white stuff on their feet is just putty to hold them in place for the photo)

It's a bit funny to look back and see how my previous work holds up to my newer work. Some things are slightly off scale and I can see that I learned a lot since then about structure of items and attaching pieces together securely.

Second attempt at a cat in my mini life... maybe next time I'll get it right :)

This coffin is my favorite, I'll be making more of these!

Some long stemmed roses for paying respects to the dead. Or anything else really, they're actually quite pretty!

I made some skulls a while back, then molded them, then cast a bunch. These are some vampire skulls I cast from the molds, their lower jaws didn't make it through the process... I was/am still learning :).

I'll be listing this and more stuff on Etsy tonight and tomorrow. I have multiples of everything and I've also got some bats, brooms, shovels, and a scythe.

I also found a lot of left over Christmas items hidden away. I'll be looking through those and maybe listing some things next week.


  1. Oh those ravens are cute and I the vampire skull fab even without the jaw :)

  2. And did some shopping :D I had to get the vampire skull even I don't have any house to put into, but it was fab! And your pumpkins are going to move to my forgotten garden with the ravens :)

  3. Your candles are always "magic". I like also the skeleton. The skull is perfect. Il like also the roses... Are made in polymer clay?

  4. Creepy! The skeleton is perfect! The cat look good really, I once tried to make one and it turned out terrible.. well done :)))

  5. Thanks Ira! Those darn little jaws never did make it through the casting process. To small and delicate I think. Only now that I've learned do I know that I can just build it on after casting and re-bake. Thanks so much for shopping! I love your garden and everythhing will look great there!

    Thanks Mari, the roses are polymer clay but the skulls are resin. The candles are also from molds but they are polymer clay. Glad you like them!

    Veselina, thanks! My first cat looked like a cartoon egyptian cat! :) Thanks for the encouraging words!

  6. Beautiful minis! But why am I reading this today instead of yesterday? ;)Glad Ira made great purchases!:)

  7. Thanks Ewa! I thought that was you that bought some of my candles! There's only a few people I know are from Poland :)