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Saturday, June 12, 2010


Oh my gosh! 50 followers!
I still remember the day when I first started my blog and was so sad everyday I checked it that I didn't have any followers. I had resigned to thinking I would never have any... Then little by little, people found me and I started to blog a little better (stopped trying to use my blog as an advertising post!).

I'm still working on blogging better. I'm not a very social person, difficult for me to carry on a conversation. If we've emailed, you have probably noticed ;).

I can't Tell you all how happy I am that you like my minis enough to look at my blog every now and again! I have tried to keep up with all of you and follow your blogs too, but I know I have missed a couple. If I'm not already following your blog, please comment and tell me what it is and I'll go check it out!

Okay, now to the goods! I know you've been waiting for this since you saw the title of this post... Let's do a GIVEAWAY! This will be my first one, so go easy on me :) Oh, and I'm not going to go easy on you! :).

I always need ideas for what to make next, but I'm scared to death of copyright infringement so I like to mimic real life items, especially magical and spooky things (does that count as real life? do movie items count as real life? I love movie items!). I also have to be able to see a picture of what I'm making, it comes out really bad and cartoony if I don't have a reference :(. Sometimes I collage things from several references and end up with a sort of hybrid or new creation, basically a different take on the item. So tell me your favorite magical or spooky thing that I can easily find pictures of (or find a picture of something close to it) and what you like about it. I will look over the entries and select the top 10 that I think I can do, then I'll throw them all in a hat and pick one. If yours gets selected I will send you your idea sculpted in mini form and maybe some extra stuff too depending on what the idea was.

I know this is a crazy and convoluted giveaway, but I don't want to give you something I just have laying around, and I want to give you something that you will like :). So, to get into the top 10... if you have read my blog, you might have noticed the kind of things I like and the kinds of things I can make (I'm not a master sculptor, please think simple!). I also absolutely go crazy over anything Tim Burton-ish! And steampunk stuff, even though I haven't created anything like that myself (can't seem to find the right inspiration and I don't want to copy anyone). My favorite inspirational movies are: The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Corpse Bride, Alice in Wonderland, Igor, and Coraline (but I am open to others!).

This giveaway is open to anyone that doesn't mind it's madness (Michelle is your madness contagious? he, he, he) New followers as well. And I won't be at all offended if you want no part of this, everyone has time constraints and brain farts XD. It's Saturday where I am right now so let's give it until next Saturday, I'll announce the winner on the following Monday (Sunday would be Father's day here).

Happy thinking everyone!
(Don't forget to tell me your blog if I'm not already following it!)


  1. I'm very happy for you. I will partecipate with pleasure to your next giveaway. ;-)

  2. Gosh Lorraine you don't do anything by halves do you!? lol lol Umm I've been sitting here thinking (I've been mini making all afternoon and I get a bit brain dead! lol).

    I have an idea: a spooky/creepy coat stand based on the creepy skeleton out of The Nightmare before Christmas. At the top of the stand a skeletal head, the the arms could be either skeletal or metal like with long spidery fingers at the end (to hold a small bag, etc), I guess you could have two skeletal feet on top of the base.

    Madness...yes it most definitely catching! lol
    Fancy thinking no one would join your blog, whatever next!!! :o))

    Michelle xxx

  3. Thanks Mari!

    Michelle that is a fabulous idea! I made the tombstones from the movie and haven't done anything with them. I love this idea of making something from the movie but in a different way!

  4. Ooh my favourite films also. Anything TIm Burton I adore, and come to that anything Johnny Depp, but maybe thats for a different reason lol! Well as I am in the midst of an Tim Burton project and to help me out Id love a fancy shaped hedge/bush, maybe in the shape of an animal or bird in 1 12th scale. I know theres a word for these but cant for the life of me remember what it is!! Or a shaped tree in a pot?
    Congrats on your followers, great blog,fantastic miniatures and lovely talented lady, all makes for success! I know, I know creeping dosnt get you the winning ticket but its true!!! Kate xxx

  5. Lorraine - you'll attract a lot more followers, believe me!! The quality of your work is fabulous!
    I understand totally about not being too sociable, I'm like that myself, and that's where blogs are so good, you can take your time to think on answers and comments at your own pace.
    As for copyright - if the item is absolutely an intrinsic design especially for a film, you can't really go there. But I think that a style or item can be copied/used as a starting point for making other stuff. We don't come into the world knowing everything, we gather it and re-combine it to make it our own. And if you think about it, the props in movies are made by people who have gathered their ideas from out in the world. If you use other's ideas, then you must be ok with other people being inspired by your own stuff. My personal feeling is that sharing ideas makes the whole thing grow so very much better, asking first if you're not sure about it often leads to smiles all round, and respect and recognition for others is the most important. That's my little rant done :)

    And for the giveaway - a druidic sprig of mistletoe with a little sickle used to cut it would be lovely.

  6. Congrats on 50 followers and many more to come! ;) I too like you and Glenda am not being too sociable - haven't noticed that in your emails really:) - and blogland is really cool place for me too;)
    I am pretty sure there will be a lot of people with great ideas for you. Mine will be boring and simple I think - boring because it will concern my project;)I would love to see the wand similar to the one Snape uses in the movies and a magical newspaper for him too;) Simple isn't it? ;)

  7. So glad to know I'm not the only one with social issues! You guys are right on the money with your ideas, something for you that I can make and will have fun making! And something you like!

    Not to go off topic, but are those mini Harry Potter books that people make copyright? What about movie props made in mini? Like Glenda said, if it's identical? I understand it's not an issue if I'm giving it as a gift right? As long as I don't sell it?

    Anyway, I'm loving all of your ideas so far!

  8. I love your work! It will not be long before you have many. many blog followers. I am so glad to have "met" you on dA.

    I also do not like the idea of copying material. Love Glenda's idea of mistletoe and a sickle. I'm going to have to think about it for a little while longer before I can come up with an idea.

  9. Lorraine, I find your spooky miniatures unique! And I totally understand your frustration about blogging (I find myself rather introverted too) and the constant checking if a new follower has come up.. ;D But you are doing a great job really! And I'll think a little bit about what a spooky thing you can make but now nothing comes to my mind. May be I'll write later :) Just wanted to say: Congrats on the 50 followers and keep up the cool work :)

  10. Hi there coltpixy! I always wonder if people recognize me from dA when I meet them in blogland :).

    Thanks Veselina! I'm always so self consious and think people won't like me work or my style.

    Take time to think about what you would like to enter, you have a week! :)

  11. Congratulations on 50 followers! I think your work is wonderful! I always worry about doing items from movies too! I guess like you said if it is for a gift or swap or something it's okay! I like Tim Burton movies too! I also love the Harry Potter movies! Since you do awesome wands, I think it would be cool if you did a wand/cane like what Lucius Malfoy has except maybe for a old haggy witch. It could be like an old crooked cane that has a wand that comes out of the top so she doesn't lose it because she has gotten a little absent minded in her old age!lol Or maybe even put a wand that pulls out the top of a broom stick!


  12. Ooo Jamie I love your blog! Sometimes I keep it open just for the music! Maybe I shouldn't admit that, is that weird? :).

    I love your idea too! I just watched that new Wolfman movie and they have a cane/walking stick that has a pull out blade... but a wand like Malfoy's is much better for my sculpting. Love the broom idea!

  13. Congratulations, this is my first time in here. That's really sad, because I love the themes you make. I'm working on a witch box, i've not come as far as I wish. Your wands are amazing, do you make them from fimo? beautiful.

    Some ideas for what you can try to make:

    * The skelleton dog from corpse bride, oh it's so cute.
    * a evil crow with red eyes, almost like you can see the evil streaming out from the crow;p
    * the wizard hat from HArry potter, the one that chooses if you should go to griffindor or slytherin.

    More ideas would be filled in, need to take the plane to my hometown.
    Need to say it one more time, I'll will be watching your blog.

    Good luck, have a nice day!


  14. Congratulations on your 52 followers and many to come :)

    You've given a difficult task, I've been thinking over the weekend what I would love you to do, but still can't really decide, so more thinking to be done on the exact item - I love Glenda's idea as I'm doing my withces house to be a bit herbalist style :) Also something vampiry thing would be fab as almost all the stuff available is more on the vampire hunters side, but I'll come back when I get the idea :D

  15. Hi Lorraine, I just found your blog and I am very happy I did! Your work is brilliant and I would love to participate in your giveaway! I don't have a specific project that matches your creations yet, but I get a lot of ideas...

  16. Welcome Star! Hope you had a good flight. Some great ideas so far!

    Ira I can feel a great idea brewing! I love herbalist type of stuff!

    Anthoula, welcome! Happy you found me, you still have time so crank those gears :).

  17. Hi, When I sat on the bus after we had landed, I was sitting by the window, watching the nature. I noticed a tree that was very spooky, it had alot of brances that looked like hands.

    So the final idea: A tree that's old and big with brances that look like hands, and in one set of the hands hangs a skeleton. Imagine that those arms captured this poor fellow, and strung him to death or something like that.

    Its a little creepy that idea, but I kinda liked it;)

  18. That does sound very creepy! I've made a tree before, but not one like this, I like it!