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Thursday, June 3, 2010

More Halloween Goodies and some free stuff...

Some more Halloween items I found from years ago... a couple of decorative pumpkins.

And a big clearance of items, these are quite literally the first things my kids and I made when we got our first blocks of polymer clay. I'm going to list this whole lot on Etsy for a really low price since it's not the same quality work that I can do now. I'd give it away but it's just sooo much stuff I can't bear it.

And these are some trial and error books I made when I was trying to make the right type of book for the wiccan altar table. Does anyone want these? The black one has bits of gold dust all over it (by accident) and some of the black paint got onto the pages (see picture 2). The other book has a thin crack on the back near the spine (see picture 3) and I just don't like the color. I'll gladly send these to anyone that would like them. Just email me your address: Lorraine@DflyCreations.net


  1. Hola Lorraine, los libros que has visto los hace mi amiga Yolanda para vender, esta semana que viene va a la feria de Andalucia.
    Yo solo he hecho los detalles en sculpey de algunos.
    Te dejo su email, para que te pongas en contacto con ella si te parece
    besitos ascension

  2. Gracias Ascension, voy a ver si me vende unos :).

  3. Mi padre siempre me dice que las cosas con errores son las más bonitas, porq son naturales, creo q solo intenta consolarme cuando meto la pata y me salen desastres de manualidades, jeje. pero creo q tus libros son perfectos con todos los "accidentes" que tienen... por cierto tus minivelas de conjuros son geniales!!

  4. Wow your work is amazing :-) I love the books they are fab. I also love your creations on Etsy :-) You are very talented and a lovely lady too :-)

  5. Thanks Kat! Everyone knows your stuff is amazing!

  6. Ditto with Kat Lorraine, the books are fabulous and nothing wrong with them! I love the pumpkins too! ;o)

    Looking forward to what you make next! :o)))

    Michelle xx