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Monday, May 31, 2010

Magic Spell Candles now available at Etsy!

I wanted to make some candles for Etsy like the ones I made for the Altar Table, I was thinking black ones and white ones...

Janice from "On Being a Mini Mum......" suggested I make more colors, spooky colors. So I did! Thanks Janice! Email me your address and your favorite color and I send you some :). Lorraine@DflyCreations.net

There are 9 different colors in total, a couple of assortments, and some of those candles in the candle holders that I made a few posts ago.

I think I'll get going on making some wands now. Mind you they are really hard to make the way I tried, but we shall see how they turn out.


  1. Some lovely colours in the Candles..x

  2. Just fabulous! I've never seen so many candles and so many different colours too! :o)))

    Michelle xxx

  3. All your candles are lovely. I prefer the first one... white candles. Fabulous..

  4. They look fab Lorraine. Have bought some this evening.

  5. Lovely , I made some like these a few years back for my witches hat shop for shelf fillers and I mde customised shop labels for them ' Little bundels of thin taper candes with one big label round them look good too. I think all witches would love to buy your candles! Kate xxx

  6. Thanks everyone! I ended up mixing more color than I intended so I ended up with 169 little candles and half a day gone! I do like the result though :)

    Kate, I'll have to check your blog to see if you pictured them by any chance. Sounds really lovely!