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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ritual Items for the Altar Tables

I finished these days and days ago but got side tracked in the weed jungle that is my flower beds. And I needed some separation from these items... that athame was a real piece of work, let me tell you! I was swearing up a storm that day! 

It doesn't look like much in the picture but the hilt of the athame has a distressed metal look to it (the picture is too dark I think). The athame measures just under 1 1/2 inches from hilt to tip. I wanted to put a gem or something in the hilt, but I didn't have anything on hand that was the right size. You can't really see the mortar and pestle too well in the photo, sorry about that. It's just a simple one anyway. The other curved knife is a boline, it's for harvesting herbs. The skull is just a regular skull missing it's jaw (and a few teeth), it's aged and has symbols painted on it. The whole thing reminds me of some kind of alchemists collection.

Next on the list for the altar tables is herbs, dried flowers (don't know how I'm going to do that yet, I usually make them looking vibrant and living), and the book of shadows. I want to make the book cover leather, but I only have thick leather that I got at a discount fabric store. I've made some books with it, but I don't like it for this collection. Does anyone know how to thin leather without really special leatherworking tools?


  1. Looks a bit druid . . . beautifully made!!

    Leather - thick leather is a hassle. If it is a very soft leather, you can rub PVA glue into the fluffy side - this can *sometimes* make it a bit thinner, but very stiff. Test it first. This method works well on the right side of old suede gloves, but it darkens the colour.
    If you want to buy thin leather, try -
    http://www.dragonflyintl.com/ (USA)
    http://www.littletrimmings.com/ (England)

  2. Es una maravilla, te ha quedado genial.
    Me encanta hacer craneos, ahora estoy haciendo la escena de una bruja y voy a hacer algunos.
    besitos ascension

  3. Thanks Glenda, you are always so helpful! I'm saving up my miniscule profits from my Etsy shop for embossing supplies so I can't buy any already thin leather right now. I saw a YouTube video about embossing on clay and I have so many ideas that I want to try. I think I'll me able to get some basic supplies by the end of next week, then maybe I can buy some thin leather if the PVA technique doesn't work. I'm going to try that later today though.

    Ascension, buen que te gusta! Fui a tu blog y vi la mesa de brujas, ME ENCANTA! Las velas son mis favoritas, y los platos de sal y crystal de que son hechos?

  4. omg! how in the world did you make those? i've seen a lot of mini foods but those are awesome too!!

  5. Thanks Mr. Pineapple Man, I try to make things as realistic as possible. The blades are just really, really thin clay cut and shaped and then painted with silver leaf. It took a few tries though! :)