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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wiccan Altar Table

Completely finished and ready for Etsy... finally!

I think the addition of the shelf and stool really completes the scene.

I didn't have room on the table for all the scrolls so they ended up in the cauldron, almost like they were always meant for it!

The basket is not made by me it's one of the few things in this scene that isn't. The others are the 2 glass balls as the crystal balls and the 3 amethyst crystals. Everything else is made by me from polymer clay, wood, or paper. Lots of paint too!

These potion bottles are my favorites! My husband really wants me to keep the one with the twine and skull embellishment. I'll have to try and make him another :).

62 pieces in all, 65 if you count the table, shelf, and stool. If you've visited my Etsy shop, you'll know that I believe in affordable miniatures. I strive to make quality minis that everyone can afford. That being said, the total cost of this setup kind of shocked me. I priced everything individually, very low prices like I would if I was selling everything separately. Only 5 items were barely over $5.00 and nothing was over $10.00 (including the furniture). Because the total seemed like such a large number, I will be posting this with free shipping. I'm in the US and I ship worldwide. Insurance is not included but it is optional.

My husband says I need to make some of this stuff to sell individually too, I already decided on making lots more of the wrapped and labeled candles (black and white), what kinds of things do you guys think I should make more of from this set?


  1. It's fabulous!! I think each and every item would sell well by itself, but small groups of similar things (wands, papers, flowers, knives, etc) would do well too.
    Your work is brilliant, with a definite character of its own - very collectible!

    Isn't pricing difficult? If you charge a reasonable rate for your craft and skill, then it usually makes it more than people are willing to pay these days.

  2. Youve made a fantastic job, I love that little bottle too! I think bottles, potions, wands etc all go down well as people often like to dress their won tables. But whoever is lucky enough to own the alter table and shelf wont have any work to do other than stare at it in awe and love it!! Well done, Kate xxx

  3. Thanks ladies, your comments are always so nice and uplifting! I do have a lot of papers that I got ready in a big batch... maybe I'll make more bottles and wands to go with them. And the candles too of course.

  4. This is a truly fabulous piece! It has everything and I LOVE the fact that everything is loose, so one can rearrange items. ;o)) A real bonus! :o) You have real flair and a great eye for detail too.

    Potions are always popular (and I love yours!), bundles of papers, wands, books. :o))

    Michelle xxx

  5. Yo creo que el conjunto es genial!!!
    Pero para vender por separado, las velas, las pocimas, las flores..........yo creo que en realidad todo lo podrias vender suelto y ademas no lo vendes caro y es un trabajo magnifico.
    besitos ascension

  6. LOrraine, I've put up a post on my blog about this, thanks for your permission - I can't stop admiring it!!

  7. Candles are a great idea. I have been looking everywhere for some. Not just black and white though please...traditional spooky colours orange,purple,green etc

  8. Thanks for your comments everyone! I think this is the most comments I've gotten on one post since I started blogging not too long ago. Everyone's ideas are so great, Janice I'll be making more candle colors (why didn't I think of that!), and definitely more potion bottles Michelle. Glenda thanks so much for networking my minis! Kat, thanks for stopping by and checking out my stuff, Acension siempre dices algo que me hace sonreír!

  9. Wonderful table in every detail. I love your potion bottles. Compliments. :-)