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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wands inspired by Tim Burton's The Nighmare Before Christmas...

I have been just so excited to show everyone these! Lovely Kate mentioned my skull wands reminded her of Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas and then asked if I could make one for her that's more Jack-ish. I set to the task last week and let me tell you, I am having to pry these from my own hands to give Kate hers and sell the other one. My family isn't helping either, my daughter just keeps saying that I can't sell them and that I need to keep them forever.

I imagined two different wands and so I needed two different stands for them so I made two whole sets. Here is what I made:

 This one is inspired by Jack's outfit and Tim Burton's style of trees. I incorporated those curly branch things to hold up the wand and painted the stand in Jack's classic black and white. I even added the bat bow tie. As with my skull wand stand I felt something was missing, so I added a couple of spider webs.

The other set is inspired by Jack's Coffin Sled.
 I wanted to make the lid open the way it does in the movie (with two sections opening in different directions), but my history with hinges made me too afraid that I would mess it up. This design has more display options anyway, and I was able to incorporate a lovely Nightmare Before Christmas plaque that really adds to the style.
 The inside is lined with a beautiful burgundy velvet and the inside of the lid is done in a quilting pattern and painted to match the lining.

The wands are both longer than my other wands, it kind of goes with Jack's long features.

Since Kate chose the set with the stand, I have listed the coffin set on Ebay. I figure it will be more fair since I only have one and don't plan on making another any time soon. If it doesn't sell on Ebay, I'll move it to Etsy.

Here is the listing for the Coffin Set on Ebay.


  1. Love the coffin sled!!WOW! What a great idea! The stand with the spider's net is so cool too! And the wands - I am not surprised at all your daughter wanted to keep them home!:D

  2. Fabalous! I think along with your pumpkin wands, your skeleton wands are my favourite and I love mine :)
    Julia xxx

  3. Im am so lucky, and you are so clever Lorraine to read my mind as to how I wanted the Jack wand ! Its just magnificent and I cant wait to get it! having made a mini coffin for Jamie and it was much bigger than this, I know how tricky they are to make so such a tiny one is fantastic work!It was a tough choice as that wiggly wand is cool too! Thankyou once again for making my idea come to life! Kate xxx

  4. WOW!!! They are both so fabulous- I don't know how Kate could choose! Love them both :)

  5. i hope you plan on making more with the stand. Lucky Kate! This is my favorite :)

    Victoria ♥

  6. Thanks Ewa! I really like the how the stand turned out, but I just love to hold that tiny coffin too!

    Awe, thanks Julia! :)

    Kate, it was a wonderful idea and I was so happy to bring it to fruition!

    Thanks Kim!

    Thanks Victoria! I think I will make more sometime in the future, not sure when though.