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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Steampunk Wands done and for sale!

I finally did it... Early last week I finished all 5 steampunk wand sets and sent three of them off to new homes around the world :). I also decided to keep one for myself. I realized I don't really have much of a collection, even of my own stuff, so I think I'm going to start making an extra one of each wand style just to keep. It's more work, but I think it will make me happier in the long run.

Well, that leaves one steampunk set available for sale. I just received the parts to make more, but that probably won't happen for quite some time. I did make some extra wands though, I'll list those in Etsy. The set with the box and electronics I have listed on Ebay.
I don't usually sell on Ebay but I have a hard time deciding if Etsy's "first come first serve" way is fair if I only have 1 of a rare or popular item. What do you guys think? I used to sell on Ebay just a little bit, but I wasn't very well known so it was difficult. Etsy has been great for me, I use it as my main selling point.

Oh well, I have many more things coming. I've been busy creating and haven't had time for photos or blog posts but I think I'll have time this weekend to list and post.

Here is the listing for this last Steampunk Set on Ebay.


  1. They look so good! Nice to see your minis again Lorraine!
    As for Ebay/Etsy stuff, well it may be more fair to sell them on Ebay although probably not everyone buys there ;)

  2. This is great, good to see lots of new tempting wand boxes :) As for Etsy versus Ebay, I'd recommend staying with Etsy. Ebay are very exspensive with their fees and their customer return policies are heavily weighted towards the customer and there has been a lot of scam claims there recently. Artfire. com is very good too and their fees are the best at the moment. Good luck with all your sales, not that you'll need it :0)
    Julia xxx

  3. So gorgeous cant wait for mine to arrive!! xxxxx

  4. I Love, Love Love the wands and boxes Lorraine!

    Victoria ♥

  5. You know mine arrived and how much it is loved! :o))

    I dislike Ebay for various reasons and if I do buy from there it's usually 'Buy It Now' rather than bid. Etsy is my favourite by far!!!!

    Michelle xx

  6. Thanks Ewa, and you're right. Hardley anyone is on Ebay anymore.

    Julia, I am also worried about Ebay scams, they're scary! Luckily I got two great customers this time.

    Kate, your set should be arriving at any moment if it hasn't already :)

    Victoria, thanks so much!

    Michelle, I do the same. I never do the bid thing. I think I might stick to Etsy for now.

    Thanks everyone for your comments!!!!