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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Oak & Walnut Wand...

Here is another new wand I created. I kept a classic style to this one, I wanted to make sure that I provide more than just themed wands for those that want wands that can fit into any scene. I'm calling this one the Oak & Walnut wand. I guess I'm imaging the colors as a Golden Oak with a nice dark Walnut.

I also made a nice box for this wand, it's a wine colored top with a brown bottom and it's lined with a wine colored ribbon. It's got a silver fleur de lis embellishment on top.

Then I also made a simple stand to go with the wand. It's just brown and gold.

I will be listing this wand on Etsy in three different ways to keep it affordable. First just the wand on its own (I have two to list like this), then the wand plus the box as a set (I have two to list like this), then the wand plus the stand as a set (I only have one like this).

I hope everyone likes them!


  1. Love your wand's stands and this one is so pure and simple - it will definatel suit in every scene.:)

  2. What a relief that nobody could see me while watching your latest posts... open mouthed, eyes flickering greedily...(LoL)
    Congratulations on your latest wand creations, the two sets inspired by Jack are fabulous. And I really love your oak + walnut wand, it's so very well done, looks like real wood.


  3. Each design is spectacular, it looks so like real wood! lovely box and stand Lorraine, I will be back for something similar for Dumbledores desk when ive saved more pennies!! Kate xxx

  4. Es un trabajo fantastico!!!
    La varita es genial y el soporte es una maravilla.
    Feliz fin de semana
    besitos ascension

  5. So elegant, Lorraine!! You really are a clever lady :)

  6. Thanks Ewa, that's what I was hoping for :)

    Thanks Birgit, and thanks for the giggle! :)

    Thanks Kate! Dumbledore's desk is going to be very full!

    Thanks Ascension! Happy weekend to you too!

    Thanks Glenda!!

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