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Monday, August 30, 2010

Scrolls, a book stand, and so much more!

I have a great order I'm working on, it's got some great pieces to it! Not to mention creative freedom :).

Some mushrooms like the ones I made for the potion cabinets, and some new brown ones.

More fancy wands.

And more rustic wands.

Some decorative candles, these were a challenge!

Some plain scrolls.

A book stand with a nature theme. I think next time I will add some shelf mushrooms to it. Maybe orange ones to add some color.

Some fancy scrolls, these are a new style for me. What do you think?

Here are some close ups of the fancy scrolls:
Love this bone one with the skeleton hand, hope it's not too creepy for my customer.

A few dragon scrolls to keep the magic theme :).

A potions scroll.

A spell craft scroll.

A scroll all about wands.

This next one is my favorite. It's a Zodiac scroll, picture doesn't do it justice. Maybe if you click on it you can see some of the details.

This next one is a real looker! it opens up to inches and inches of divination information.

That's it for today. More book stands with different themes, more candles, and books coming soon.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Some long awaited gifts on their way to Janice and Michelle. As soon as the post office opens on Monday I'll be sending these off. Hope you like them ladies, you are each getting a set like this.

Feels good to finally start getting caught up!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Kate and Emily's package is in the mail!

I got to the post office 5 minutes before the doors were locked and got Kate and Emily's package in the mail. You should receive it soon ladies! I showed some of the items in my last post and I have pictures of the rest of the items to show you all, but I'm saving the items my daughter made for Lola as a surprise :).

Here is the full spread of the second batch of items. The colors in my camera are a bit on the orange-y side, sorry.

Here are some close ups:
I had fun making the candles, so I went ahead and made some tapered candles too. And one of the sage sticks was a little large so I made a smaller one, but I threw them both in the package. I swear the candles are not that orange-y!

Kate wanted some bottles like the ones I made for the altar table. I know you only wanted 6 but I say the little ones don't count so I made 8 :).

And can you see the badger skull in the pile? I love this thing, of course I love skulls in general but this one is my favorite! Took extra photos of it :)

And don't let me forget these, they came out great!

Hope you ladies like everything! I hope the tree branches make it safely too!

I'm working on another great commission that will have me showing you some new candles and other magical goodies, don't give up on me yet, I have more coming :)

Monday, August 2, 2010

What I've been working on... well some of it anyway :)

Before I say anything, let me say that these pictures are not so great. Lighting is bad and I didn't have time to get artificial light set up. I'm sooo busy! And I'm so sorry! Not only have I taken such a long time since my last post, but now I give you crappy pictures... it's a wonder I still have followers! XD

I've been working on some more charms, those bracelets I showed you before. They are my steady income right now but they are so time consuming. I've been running behind on everything else because of them. So... Kate and Emily, thanks for being so patient!

The pictures I have here are part of a package that will be going to Kate of The Whittaker's Miniatures and her daughter Emily of Emily Claire Fashions. Kate wanted plain pumpkins and pumpkins with faces, I just loved making the faces!

They both wanted skulls, Emily wanted a skull inkwell like on the Merlin show. I loved the idea so much that I cut the top off another skull and stuck some scrolls in there. Hope you girls like it! I'm also providing an assortment of feathers for quills. The white one in the skull has a pen attachment with a gold nib. You can kind of see it better in the picture after this one, kind of. When I was making the skull inkwell I was experimenting with the size and molded a small skull that I'm sending some casts of, I think I remember Kate and Lola getting inventive with skulls and books :).

Kate wanted some tombstones for a project she's working on, she picked some of my favorites. Again, sorry the lighting is so bad. It makes the colors look all wrong :(. They are actually gray and black, looks like a cement or stone finish. And Kate wanted the tree, I love that tree!

I still have quite a few things to finish up for them, it's about 9am here so I plan to spend the day working on it all. The best part about this all is that I get to make things I love, and send them to great people that I know will love them, and it gets me away from those darn bracelets for a while! XD

I've had my daughter Marie working on something special for Kate's other daughter Lola of Princess Lola's Miniature Diary, it's going to be quite lovely! Can't wait to show it!

Ladies, I'll have your package sent off this week, I promise!