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Friday, June 25, 2010


A couple years back when I started my website I made molds of certain sculpts of mine so that I could keep a steady stock and keep the item permanently listed on the website. I'm able to keep a low price on the item as a result of this, but the cast pieces still get a lot of attention from me. I usually touch up the piece with any sanding or re-carving it needs and sometimes also have to build more on to it. I also hand paint each piece to give it it's character and uniqueness.
My skulls are one group that I molded and cast as many of you already know and have seen emerging on blogs around the world (thanks everyone that showcased them!!!). The skull for the Altar Table that I posted about a few posts back was a new sculpt because I wanted a slightly smaller size (so don't think I can't sculpt them again, I just used the molds for ease of sale on the website :)).
Anyway, aside from the skulls I think the only other items I have molded are an assortment of tombstones that I sculpted about two years ago. I forgot about these until someone ordered them about an hour ago (Second sale of these since I made them two years ago, yaaaay!). They are really spooky, they are taller than some manufactured 1:12th scale tombstones that I bought at my local mini store (which I think are way to small), and they have some great details on them.
Here are lots of pictures of them. Sorry about the lighting on the pictures, I was still a novice at photography, and still am :). Please check out my website, there are a lot of forgotten minis there that need homes XD. http://www.dflycreations.net/

My first sale of these was for a Halloween themed cake, my tombstones were cake decorations. I made everything you see pictured with them. For that sale I also made a tree with a ghost attached. Here's pictures of those. These were the first set of tombstones I sculpted, these led me to sculpt the tombstones pictured above and make molds of them. Cast pieces will look like the tombstones above.

If you would like to order something from my website, you can use the PayPal buttons there or you can email me and I will send you a PayPal invoice. Lorraine@DflyCreations.net


Monday, June 21, 2010

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

Sorry, that saying has stuck in my head since I watched a recent gambling/card counting movie. Can't remember the name of the movie but sure can't stop say that phrase! :)

Okay, so I wrote everyone's name down that gave an idea and I numbered them. Then I put the numbers into one of those online number generators and clicked the button to reveal...

The Old Maid from The Sunny Hours 1:12 Miniatures is the winner!

Congratulations Ewa! You said "I would love to see the wand similar to the one Snape uses in the movies and a magical newspaper for him too." Now which movie are you thinking of for Snape's wand? I think some of the wands changed throughout the movies.

Everyone else: you ALL had great ideas, I will contact you in the near future if I also decide to make your idea item (some of them are so great that I just can't resist!). But I'm working on a very time consuming commission right now, so it will be a little while before I can get to that.

I have some great minis planned, just running super short on time... keep watching and I'll hopefully bring out some new and interesting minis soon!

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Oh my gosh! 50 followers!
I still remember the day when I first started my blog and was so sad everyday I checked it that I didn't have any followers. I had resigned to thinking I would never have any... Then little by little, people found me and I started to blog a little better (stopped trying to use my blog as an advertising post!).

I'm still working on blogging better. I'm not a very social person, difficult for me to carry on a conversation. If we've emailed, you have probably noticed ;).

I can't Tell you all how happy I am that you like my minis enough to look at my blog every now and again! I have tried to keep up with all of you and follow your blogs too, but I know I have missed a couple. If I'm not already following your blog, please comment and tell me what it is and I'll go check it out!

Okay, now to the goods! I know you've been waiting for this since you saw the title of this post... Let's do a GIVEAWAY! This will be my first one, so go easy on me :) Oh, and I'm not going to go easy on you! :).

I always need ideas for what to make next, but I'm scared to death of copyright infringement so I like to mimic real life items, especially magical and spooky things (does that count as real life? do movie items count as real life? I love movie items!). I also have to be able to see a picture of what I'm making, it comes out really bad and cartoony if I don't have a reference :(. Sometimes I collage things from several references and end up with a sort of hybrid or new creation, basically a different take on the item. So tell me your favorite magical or spooky thing that I can easily find pictures of (or find a picture of something close to it) and what you like about it. I will look over the entries and select the top 10 that I think I can do, then I'll throw them all in a hat and pick one. If yours gets selected I will send you your idea sculpted in mini form and maybe some extra stuff too depending on what the idea was.

I know this is a crazy and convoluted giveaway, but I don't want to give you something I just have laying around, and I want to give you something that you will like :). So, to get into the top 10... if you have read my blog, you might have noticed the kind of things I like and the kinds of things I can make (I'm not a master sculptor, please think simple!). I also absolutely go crazy over anything Tim Burton-ish! And steampunk stuff, even though I haven't created anything like that myself (can't seem to find the right inspiration and I don't want to copy anyone). My favorite inspirational movies are: The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Corpse Bride, Alice in Wonderland, Igor, and Coraline (but I am open to others!).

This giveaway is open to anyone that doesn't mind it's madness (Michelle is your madness contagious? he, he, he) New followers as well. And I won't be at all offended if you want no part of this, everyone has time constraints and brain farts XD. It's Saturday where I am right now so let's give it until next Saturday, I'll announce the winner on the following Monday (Sunday would be Father's day here).

Happy thinking everyone!
(Don't forget to tell me your blog if I'm not already following it!)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Look what I got in the mail!

I finally have one of Kat the Hat's fabulous hats! No wait, I have TWO!
I just happened to catch a glimpse of this beautiful spiderweb hat in one of Kat's blog posts and after a few weeks I just had to ask if she still had it available. She did still have it and offered to make matching shoes and a broom along with it, what a spectacular set! Can you see the little leaves on the broom bristles?! And the little skulls, and the buckle, and oh you can't see the bow on the hat from here but it's perfect!

I also did a swap with Kat and received this really cool mushroom hat. I've been wanting one of those since she first made them not to long ago. She got the idea for this hat from Nikki's lamp at KDF. What a treat! And that's not all that was in the package, Kat also sent me a really cute book stack with a cat on cover of the top book. Aren't they great!

I just can't get over how great everything looks! I have no where to put it all but I couldn't live without it! (come on, you know what I mean)

If you haven't already, visit Kat's blog at: http://katthehatlady.blogspot.com/

THANK YOU KAT!!! I love them!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Something New...

A few posts back I mentioned that I wanted to make more wands and I finally got around to it. I made some rustic, hand carved looking wands.
And I made a wand box too. It opens, has a lock on the front, and leather hinges on the back. All the wands fit inside it (one at a time of course).
After making the rustic ones, I really wanted to make some pretty ones. This is what came out.
I think I got the scale right, they measure between 1 1/8" to 1 3/16".

Sorry about the lighting, it's all rainy and cloudy here today. I love this weather though! I'll try to get some better pictures for Etsy. I'll be listing these later today.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

More Halloween Goodies and some free stuff...

Some more Halloween items I found from years ago... a couple of decorative pumpkins.

And a big clearance of items, these are quite literally the first things my kids and I made when we got our first blocks of polymer clay. I'm going to list this whole lot on Etsy for a really low price since it's not the same quality work that I can do now. I'd give it away but it's just sooo much stuff I can't bear it.

And these are some trial and error books I made when I was trying to make the right type of book for the wiccan altar table. Does anyone want these? The black one has bits of gold dust all over it (by accident) and some of the black paint got onto the pages (see picture 2). The other book has a thin crack on the back near the spine (see picture 3) and I just don't like the color. I'll gladly send these to anyone that would like them. Just email me your address: Lorraine@DflyCreations.net

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Halloween or Graveyard items from long ago...

I've been cleaning out some things and found a lot of left over Halloween miniatures from a couple of years ago. They're mostly things for decorating a graveyard scene or something spooky like that.
I think my pumpkins turned out pretty good!

These candles are large because I intended for them to decorate a graveyard, sitting in front of and around tombstones.

(the white stuff on their feet is just putty to hold them in place for the photo)

It's a bit funny to look back and see how my previous work holds up to my newer work. Some things are slightly off scale and I can see that I learned a lot since then about structure of items and attaching pieces together securely.

Second attempt at a cat in my mini life... maybe next time I'll get it right :)

This coffin is my favorite, I'll be making more of these!

Some long stemmed roses for paying respects to the dead. Or anything else really, they're actually quite pretty!

I made some skulls a while back, then molded them, then cast a bunch. These are some vampire skulls I cast from the molds, their lower jaws didn't make it through the process... I was/am still learning :).

I'll be listing this and more stuff on Etsy tonight and tomorrow. I have multiples of everything and I've also got some bats, brooms, shovels, and a scythe.

I also found a lot of left over Christmas items hidden away. I'll be looking through those and maybe listing some things next week.