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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Dragon Skull: Work in progress...

I've been traveling and finishing up some old designs that I had laying around. Here's one of those old designs I never got around to:

I still have to make the bottom jaw and do some of the finishing details.

I have some other skulls I'm working on and some old half finished wand designs as well. I'll try to put some pictures of those out this weekend.


  1. It already looks fantastic Lorraine!

  2. Lorraine it's outstanding! I love it...it looks so real. Is it a commission or? :o)

    Michelle xx

  3. Yikes Lorraine! How did I miss that you are back?? So good to see your lovely creations again. I love the skull that I have...so realistic. But I could surely use a dragon skull in an WIP.

    Welcome back!


  4. Maravilhoso! Beijos em teu coração.