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Friday, December 7, 2012

Dragon Skull Finished

Got back home and finished the Dragon Skull. I really like how it came out but next one I make, I'll have to make some adjustments to so that it opens easier.

I definitely see the potential and want to make more dragon skulls, but I'm working on two other human skull projects at the moment.

I also have some wand sets from old designs. I'll post these on Etsy.

Let me know what you think! :-)


  1. Lorraine!

    It's outstanding! I love it!

    Do you remember the commission I booked with you..I know I asked late last year. No worries if you've forgotten or been far too busy. :o)

    I'd still love it, but I am in hurry for it whatsoever. :oD

    Michelle xxx

  2. The dragon skull is awesome Lorraine!

    Can't wait to see your human one!

  3. The dragon skull is stunning! Now I am itching for a new wand LOL. So good to see you back Lorraine.


  4. Great to see you back Lorraine. As talented as ever.