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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Not done yet...

Hi everyone! I'm still working hard at my new job, they have lots of vacant shifts due to holiday vacations and openings and I have been working day and night! This has left little time for my minis, and even just for being in contact with everyone.

First things first, Merry Christmas to all my friends and followers! It's coming fast and I might not be able to post anything new before it comes.

Second, sorry to everyone that I have been ignoring!
Susan, sorry for the delay in finally getting your steampunk set to you, hope it arrived in one piece.
Nikki, I got your package ages and ages ago, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I've been meaning to do a whole post on it but haven't had time.
Ewa, oh my gosh thanks so much for the Christmas present! I couldn't wait and opened it early of course! I'll do a post on it later on. Thank you!
And I'm sure I owe words to many others, thanks for being patient with me!

Okay, now I need some help with my steampunk dilemma. While I was building the other 5 sets, I noticed the first set was loosing it's light quickly. I found out that the bulbs were needing too much power and my tiny batteries couldn't provide it long enough. So, in talking to Susan about what could be done, we came up with a base that held a bigger battery (one of those 3v lithium coin cell batteries) and a switch. We also swapped out the bulb for an LED bulb. I wished I could have made the base much smaller, but I think Susan is happy with it :). It's the one in the pictures below:

So my dilemma... I have 5 original sets pretty much done. I have to make the tiny pressure gauges and then just permanently secure the bulbs (they're just being held with putty at the moment). It's been so frustrating with the lighting not working the way I wanted, I really wanted everything to be hidden in the original wand box and not have to have extras, but I can't have everything I want! :)  So I wanted to see what you guys thought about these two options:

The set goes for $39.00 and it comes with the box and the wand. Should I cut $10.00 off the price and sell it without it being able to light up?
Should I build the base like I did for the one pictured above?

Here is what they look like so far: (click on the picture to see it bigger)

They still need the pressure gauges and the bulbs are being held in place with putty at the moment, but they are very close to finished.

So, tell me what you think and we shall see where it all goes :)

Thanks for your help!